i (!) tryed in google-translate "eliberat in viata" - BABAJI 's "statute"...
- it said, in english, "released into life"...
= cool


  • ... i mean, i'm so wrong it can't get worse...
    - are THERE several... "eliberated-during/in-life/living"?
    ...&, what DIFFERENTIATES them?...
    BRIAN ? - i KNOW... (i know shit, i don't know nothing)
  • ...aah... i KNOW... THERE are at-least 2.
  • ...&, i (!) still try to und'stand WHY "Uriel" aspect "got involved" in IDYLWILD GROUP...
  • - ha, ha, ha ?... come on...
  • ...3rd 's a woman.
    BREEMABORG, i'd like to kis' YOU.
    Mademoisele LUNA... NOW YOU intimidate me.. = roasted.
  • Jaja who will tie women to bamboo to avoid the mojo stealing? Common!
  • The woman said, “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.”


  • Are you trying to say babaji hasnt been able to fully drop gnosis with his thousand years?
  • Its true i ate and am ashamed. It didnt solved anything. Im toó slow to use the akashic that fast as to talk to others.
  • In the great epic Mahabharata, the depiction of nagas tends toward the negative. The epic calls them "persecutors of all creatures", and tells us "the snakes were of virulent poison, great prowess and excess of strength, and ever bent on biting other creatures"

  • edited March 2019
    Many snake lords have lived here in human form. They have displayed super human capacities. Our Bhagawan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri was from the Naga Loka. He was not from Earth. He was found as a baby protected by a snake on the streets. Nobody knows his actual parents.

    He used to spontaneously perform miracles while he walked on earth. He was standing at the bus stop, waiting for a bus, but the bus didn’t stop. When the bus reached the next stop he was standing there also. When the bus reached the third stop, he was still there. The driver of the bus was terribly perturbed by seeing Nithyananda everywhere. After that, the bus stopped, they asked him to come in.

    He was just proving a point, waking up people to a certain dimensions which they can also achieve when they shed the bondage of the mind and reach higher realms in subtlety. Not that he wanted to impress people through such acts of miracles. But, how do you make people understand a message if it’s not delivered with a surprise?

  • There is a God of Destruction for each of the twelve universes. Once every millennium, the Kais and the Gods of Destruction go to each other's realms and hold a coordination meeting. In some occasions, the gods can also come together to deal with threats to existence or stability of their universe or universes. Gods of Destruction, due to being considerably stronger than Kais by nature, are usually more capable of dealing with universal threats than Kais, however, they seem to have no obligation to heed the commands of Kais, and thus tend to be whimsical as to which threats to eliminate. A God of Destruction is not allowed to travel through time (though Whis can transport Beerus through time to the Time Nest where the Supreme Kai of Time resides if he wishes to speak with her or at her request...)

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