Anger, Frustration

What are good meditative strategies to still the mind when anger kicks in?
Sometimes the frustration and anger can be so great, it's difficult to remain calm.


  • When I meditated long time ago, I focused on a mantra and achieved a state of bliss. Just try to get rid of your thoughts. They are poison as well as bad emotions. I've never experienced anger though.
  • The anger doesn`t come in the meditation, of course. It`s anger in life, in general. 

    Anger isn`t a pretty emotion, but it doesn`t have to be good or bad. It just is.
    Things just are.
    However, when strong, passionate emotions like anger or rage take over, then there`s dire consequences. 

    And here, there can be said something about self-control, but the problem therein lies in both `self` and `control`. Dangerous in any vocabulary. 

  • when anger comes up for me it is when I am not being truthful and good to myself.

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