Karma and Human Suffering

How much suffering is enough?
How does karma even work? There is a point where yes, an INDIVIDUAL must pay for his or her past mistakes but at what point is the suffering ENOUGH?

Moreover, usually when an individual dies from a terrible and long illness, there is not only suffering for the individual in question but for the family.

And some cultures have very tightly knit families. For instance, we all here have a mother. Imagine she is old and frail and truly past her prime. She can't even stand for long periods of time... and then she watches you pass away from a long and painful illness.

How is that fair according to karma? It was YOUR karma to pay. YOU had to suffer not your elderly, sick mother.

This is all fair.

And what what effing point is the art of Reiki futile?

At what point is this all a stupid joke? And I mean ALL of it.


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