Teacher, ice started having numb in both arms. Yesterday I only ate a soup spoon of honey, and a small piece pf chocolate.. still have headaches like when I had lack of sugar last time no lights though..

I saw hypo could make arms numb yesterday I did excercise 2hrs.

Do you think a soup spoon of honey is not sugar enough on a daily basis?.. ill need to take diet again.


  • Honey is super high in glucides.
    100 grammes has about 82 grammes of glucides.
    What kind of chocolate do you eat? I only eat 70% dark and darker.
    Otherwise it's super high in glucides.
    Don't eat white chocolate. Like, ever. It's terrible for you and mostly just sugar.

    Don't just eat sweet things. Vegetables are your friend.
    Avocados are super high in calories and high in healthy fats. Half an avocado is an excellent snack.
  • Also... don't starve yourself, man!
    Don't!! You'll get really sick, I should know!

    If it's weight loss you're after, half a pound to a pound per week is what's healthy.

    Half a pound per week means you eat 150 calories less than your body needs a day.
    One pound means 300 calories less.

    That's doable and your body doesn't enter a state of shock.
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    GRADUAL weight loss.
    This might be why you're having liver problems as well.
  • @Brian is a lovely person.
    @OskrZS he's helped you and me tons and he keeps helping us mainly because he has a big heart despite being sarcastic and having a very blunt sense of humour at times.

    But you and I can't just rely on him like this. It's too much responsibility for ANYONE. It's not right.

    You need to see a nutritionist and a doctor. An actual nutritionist... no one on this forum is a certified nutriotionist.

    Also... diets. Diets are a terrible idea. When you change the way you eat, it's not temporary. It's for life. If you need to lose weight you eat a little less but you CANNOT harm yourself. You're hurting yourself, and this isn't right.

    Please, I had anorexia. Don't hurt yourself this way.
  • This problems are mainly because ignorance.

    The fact is that I gain 6 kilos in less than 2 months 76 kg. An stimate is that my body spends 1842 cal a day. So extra activity is a plus on what im eating. From now ill stop dinner and eat normally. Not diet. And keep the excercise line I have.

    A doctor is good but we need to not be ignorants and so dependent on the experts.

    The thibg is I freaked out after a migraine with lights in my eyes the doctor said, I needed more sugar. So I got confused.

    I got a 74 in sugar levels.last time. She said I was eating too little sugar. So at this point I dont know whats going on. @lunawhdavies7 I read the minimum of sugar for a man was 35g daily.
  • Teacher! I cant stop being this cartoonish piece of shit that is I, hence im ill.

  • ...for the first time in my life, i'm gonna as'ume responsibility... why?=because.
    OSKRZS, tomorrow (?) go wherever YOU can see & buy the first... something YOU wish-for, as food... "let the higher-self decide" - aah... but, don't do it twice, especially if an ambulance come to drag-ya... = ouch?...
    ..."just do it - nike"...
  • OSKRZS, i'm sorry... i tryed to make fun (roast), it doesn't work 'cause roast is from smart people... Mademoisele LUNA, YOU are a trustable compañero - as always...thank YOU
    OSKRZS, she's cool, let's face it.
  • ...&, please don't even try to say i'm kinda ok - not smart, ffheww... - 'cause in this forum... i'm "forest gump" = "i'm maybe dumm, but i know what love is"...
    = i never said i love YA...
    roasted !!!...
  • take care, YA
  • The new value will not be in force until you reboot the system.
  • Following a few days of total starvation, start off with plain yogurt mixed with a little milk and some lemon drops.

    Milk, plain yogurt, and other unsweetened dairy products contain the naturally-occurring sugar lactose, while fruit contains fructose.
  • There are dangers, of course. Starvation is a severe deficiency in caloric energy intake, below the level needed to maintain .... The ultimate cause of death is, in general, cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrest ....
  • You can also try 5 days on just cabbage juice, too.
  • My main concern on the diet is this flashy migraine I had today for example. Just one spoon of honey lemon and yogurth and I saw litltle flashy lights and after headache I had to take a 20g chocolate 10g of sugar. is it lack of sugar?.
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    Id take the 800cal diet, honey, and almost no excercise to dont have sugar problems. I dont feel strong enough for 2 days starving. If you say ill not die id do it. Jaja
  • I did excercise today mostly on arms and the problem.seemed to almost go. It seems.stop taking dinner is helping.
  • Sugar free

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    Total starvation isn't such an amazing idea.

    Extreme diets are not usually a good idea.
  • It worked for me.. is just that right now I dont feel strong enough because I took it formonths.. I should not had leave the yo yo fx go on me.
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    Really? It did? Wow.
    As for the study linking extremely quick weight loss to liver damage, I can't find it.

    Bad sources I seem to have had.
  • Yeah I was like I didnt have diabetes. Now that im 77 kg I regret no keeping a more healthy diet.
  • @OskrZS
    Sorry for repeating myself...

    But when you change the way you eat you have to maintain it. That's what's so important. I find it amazing the yoghurt says "no sugar" lol.

    Here it just reads "plain".

    Is it sweet? I find it funny it says "no sugar" rather than "plain".
  • Teacher, if id get into higher consciousness by a miracle, do you think my metabolism would improve and I could be more free of getting fat, so the diabetes would low down? Thanks
  • It's all about ME, now? ME and diabetes are both NRG disorders.

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