Weirdest dream

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While a morning self reiki blast, my bed turned into the car of a railroad, the car was lead underground and while seeing all kind of evil weird things,fearless, I started drawing the dai ko myo symbol and repeating its mantra. Suddenly started speaking about Christ like preaching, my voice wasnt mine anymore, it was a powerful voice in spanish speaking of Jesus on its own. Then it was no longer the present, it was like the reinassance italy or rome long before.
Then it was over.


  • Sounds amazing Oskr! You are doing very good work for yourself. I still find it very hard to do reiki o myself, got too many problems on my small mind.
  • Wish I could be more healthy, I have huge belly my muscles ache and this small migrain/headaches. Guess I could be doing way better, still a mediocre guy.
  • ...oh, spyral symbol - it's much older than that...
  • the "qelipots" are intriguing...
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    As brianstalin's most beloved follower I was expecting he pass down a cool original unique epic symbol. Yeah right? Jajaja Its a common practice after all. My guess is he has studied other forms if reiki and their symbols.
  • Well you are up against a lot of pollution Oskr. Chemtrails, radiation from thousands of nuclear bomb tests, chemicals in everything you eat and drink. 

    Maybe Brian will give you a unique symbol if you meet him in person.
  • Billy Meier is, was and always will be antichrist?

  • I don't tend to get scary dreams. I would maybe get scary dreams like yours if I could do lots of meditation and stop eating chocolate and sugar.
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    I ended up having strange dream too this morning. I got up at 8 am but then went back to bed because my flat was cold.

    It is often when I return to bed that I get strange dreams.

    The first thing that was a shock was dreaming I went into my bathroom and my mother was standing at the bathroom sink (she died in May 2016) with her back to me. She was slim compared to her having been overweight in life. I only realised it was her when she turned around. She did to speak or smile. 

    Then I had a dream I was on top of a hill and was skiing. I had trouble putting on my ski's, I think my body in bed was trying to physically move but it could to due to me being asleep and perhaps paralysed due to the chemicals that case that when sleeping. 

    Finally I got on the ski's and I went downhill ski-ing, following tracks in the snow, the weather got very bad with lots of snowfall. It was dark too, but when I got to the bottom there were a great many lit candles, dozens of them. Quite weird. It seemed to be near a house as well where the candles were. Perhaps it is a case of from the darkness into the light?

    Strange for me to dream of skiing since I broke my left leg in half (lower half) in a skiing accident when I was 13.
  • ... i enjoy when i wake up, drink some water & sleep again...
  • To dream of skiing represents feelings about breezing through the aftermath of a difficult situation.

  • Thanks David.

    Hopefully the serious problems for the last 15 years are coming to an end soon.
  • @PeterDuffy
    Sorry about your mum, man. Hopefully things do start looking up for you. Life's tough.
  • Thanks Luna. I'm not through the trouble yet but hopefully in the next few months.
  • @PeterDuffy
    You can do it!!!! You're a tough cookie. :)
  • I've just seen the other video you posted David about the Shaolin monks and David Carradine. It is really good. Maybe go there one day if I can.
  • I like white chocolate chip cookies. :D
  • Why the Thai tourist Police picture?
    Hopefully I will never need them.
  • Circumstantiality (also circumstantial thinking, or circumstantial speech) – An inability to answer a question without giving excessive, unnecessary detail. This differs from tangential thinking, in that the person does eventually return to the original point.

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