Been looking into Thoth a little. Obviously I have to rely on info on the internet.

On this page it is claimed that Thoth was Enoch & Metatron It also claims In the Qur'an, Enoch is called Idris.

This page has interesting info on a possible relationship between Thoth and Isis

Is there any point in reading this info, has it any validity or is it just nonsense?


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    For Archangels, one has to penetrate the VERY deepest levels of the Akashic Records. What are the Akashic Records? EVERYTHING!

    The Internet cannot help because it was made by rats in a maze.

  • Thoth = Metatron = Enoch is meaningless!

    Just as Stalin = Genghis Khan.

    The sign of a limited mind with NO imagination.
  • Start with deprogramming, mind expansion and ORIGINAL thought.

    We can escape the original sin of mediocrity and suicide factories.

  • Is there a direct connection between Thoth and Germanicus?
  • All connections can be identified, broken or transcended. You really don't want this clown dragging you down.

  • Think of Reiki as a Magickal escape cabinet. But the VRIL energy has to be mastered.


  • "the mayan astronaut" ↑ presents 2 interpretations : the paleoastronatyk & the symbolistik...
  • ...&, i'm sorry - i lost all the latest topics,'cause of my daily job... too tired.
  • ...i mean, my shitty mind can't work 'cause i'm very tired.
  • With our limited minds we have to work until they become a bit less limited. Enoch is around, the one who is going to confront the antichrist, Elias too.
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    Perhaps they are not enlightened beings, so we shouldnt rely on such, even if they have saint status, which i dont think is the case.
  • To give a huge jump forward is enticing but perhaps unrealistic. What the hell, let´s do it! What do we have to lose, our meaningless lifes?
  • Is Vril energy what the Jedi used?
  • The Jedi are fictional characters Peter, stories for children. Something similar did happen? It´s happening all the time but the story itself is an invention, there is no "Force" as such.
  • enoch thoth
    in google → crystalinks...
  • thoth ferz
    in google's all i can RIGHT NOW = sorry
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    ... i made an effort...

  • paulojose Seems the Jedi and the Star Wars stories were not based entirely on fiction. The ideas still come form the subconscious which is most likely the akashic records.
  • Peter, the subconscious and the akashic records are two different things. Yes, the star wars story is duplicated a lot all the time but can´t be taken in a literal sense, it´s fiction, there are no jedi, darth vader, the force and so on. If "only a jedi deals in absolutes" is perhaps because he is obstipated...Who knows?...
  • Lucas says, "I realized we had no myths, and what I needed to do was create a modern kind of myth." Lucas studied mythology, partly through the writings of Joseph Campbell. He also found fodder for "Star Wars" in a little-known 1958 Japanese film entitled "Hidden Fortress," which is a humorous story about a reformed general and two surly farmers escorting an undercover princess to claim her throne. 

  • The Akashic Records can explain the subconscious. To gain access to this area of objective truth beyond dreams, hopes and fears takes training.
  • Under everyone else? Jajaja
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