Jason and Winter

Today while meditating (yay for reading days!) I had some kind of experience, as usual.
There were times in which my hearing would go and I could almost hear the ocean. Then the name "Jason" came into my mind followed by "winter". This led me to this page:

I don't know if that's what was meant, but anyways....


  • Also, when "winter" came into mind I could almost feel the wind blowing against my face. It was fun! It's not supposed to be fun, I know, but it was nice.
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    The Golden Fleece was said to have hung from an apple tree.

  • References to winter in literature may refer to death, old age, pain, loneliness, despair or an end. The season provides the setting for painful messages, as well as messages of renewal, rebirth and hope.
  • Yes, I immediately thought of Jason and the Golden Fleece when I left my meditation.
  • Apple tree? This sounds like that lovely story in Genesis, regardless of the fact that what kind of fruit the tree bore is never mentioned. Everyone always associates it with the apple.
  • Don't ask me why the Collective Unconscious has been reduced to popular entertainment and social media. You already know why. The real Collective Unconscious NOW belongs to Magicians and channelers. Shirley MacLaine's pals! They control it and shape it.

  • Good call, that was where the conversation was going. You're a few steps ahead.
  • Anyways, I have to keep at it.
    Brian, why have you never called me out on my laziness before? You've called out others. Was I maybe not ready? I know I'm relatively young, twenty now, which makes me not as young as I'm used to being. It's strange, this growing into a responsible adult and figuring things out is daunting.
  • Laziness is a human condition. However, that's not your problem.

  • Oh. Okay, thanks. What is, though? It's avoidance, isn't it?
    And thanks again for answering, I have been harassing you on that question lately.
  • Delusional? Oh, darn!!!!!
  • ... no , REALLY, what argonauts expected from life... goin' out on that journey ? 

    & what else more than synarchy ... "match" argonauts to billy meier semjase ... "WATCH-OUT" asket .. "trouble'?>
  • ThoughMeier thinks he is the most advanced person on the planet, he has managed to get himself stuck in spiritual quicksand. A form of Bardo. I remember him fondly as my teacher, though, when I used to hang out with that reprobate, Cagliostro. But, that was just a dream. A nightmare, in fact!
  • A lot of dead bodies have floated under the bridge, since then.

  • You've seen those lives, through the Akashic Records? You have actual memories of those dreams within dreams? That must be enough to drive anyone insane.
    Yeah, ferz. Meier made it all up. It was the seventies after all, and you know what they say about the seventies and late sixties with their hippie movements. DRUGS! Drugs can do funny things to the human mind.
  • Brian, you know, I won't take offense if you tell me what's wrong with me: everyone has shortcomings and some people are really too afraid to see them. Honestly, sir, you can tell me in my face as publicly as needed. What the hell is there to lose? (No time Tolouse! Monty Python!)
    I might not actually accept them because I might be hurt. I know I'm delusional. Remember when we met?
    "*Gollum voice* that's why we contact professional! To make delusions go away! Hahahahahhaha! Disturbing, huh? Bahahahahahhahahah!"
  • ... what is of importance is the fact that you obey and allow your judgement to be perverted by authority. Your judgement, your mind, your affection, your life are being perverted by things which have no value, and herein lies sorrow."

    J. Krishnamurti 
    Early Talks, 1930

  • Quite probably a willing victim of that old serpent.

  • Q: Have you ever been able to produce hypnosis without an individual's knowledge?

    A: Yes, through the relaxing technique and on rare occasions [I've] been able to produce hypnotism against a person's will. However, you cannot count on this and to attempt to attach an individual who did not want to be hypnotized alone would be almost an impossible task. In that type of case, I would use sodium amytal and/or sodium pentothal.
  • Today IS Friday the thirteenth!!! At least for 12 more minutes in Calgary!
    Christa, you scare me.
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