Carl Jung on Superconsciousness

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The Eastern idea which Mr. Sturdy seems to share is that what I call the unconscious is consciousness, even super-consciousness.

This is a metaphysical assumption of course.

I remain within our ordinary Western consciousness, the only kind of consciousness I know.

The nature of that psyche which reaches beyond my consciousness is essentially unknown to me. Therefore one aptly calls it the unconscious.


  • Half assed backwards? Our current consciousness is actually unconscious? And access to what is called the sub or unconscious is where consciousnesses lies? Yes, lies...
  • For example in the present moment, am not conscious of the superconsciousness.That not necesarily means he is saying higher consciousness equals the colective unconscious. To many, yes, perhaps. 
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    In totalitarian societies the TV monitor or the all seeing eye becomes our only god which becomes a screen upon which the stars are projected who symbolize ALL our hopes and aspirations?
  • Let's face it, without the TV and pop culture, Crowley would be a total unknown.

    Every Man and Every Woman is a Star.

    In the future, everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame
  • The leap from superconsciousness to that lovely apparatus that washes our brains and programs us as we squeal with delight.

    That's quite a leap. Quite a... QUANTUM LEAP! Tee hee hee!
  • freemason carl jung should keep jos motiv shut...ok ?
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