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A few years ago, while 15 and physically and mentally ill, I scourged the internet for self-help techniques. This technique was one of the many I found:

It was also very effective and it helped me feel very alert and awake.

A few years later, while studying Psychic Awareness with Brian, the same technique came back. I was absolutely shocked to find it in a meditation course.

The technique in and of itself actually calls for 15 minutes a day until you ease into it. Then 30 and then 45 minutes a day every day. Win Wenger himself does not suggest continuing on this regimen indefinitely, although I have read of many other people who insist that the regimen must be kept. The reason for this is simple: the brain is an organ and in order to maintain any ability, the neural connections that give you that ability must be reinforced every day. All this technique consists of is imagining an object and describing it in its entirety out loud: taste, sound, feel, smell, everything. What this does is create further connections between the left and right lobes of your brain.

It has been years since I was on this meditative regimen actually, I was 15 when I began and I stopped 3 months later after having done the technique for a week before bed. It was a terrible idea, since doing this technique before sleeping doesn't allow the brain to shut off. The result was that I was a walking zombie for that week and I stopped my regimen. So never do this technique before falling asleep. Early in the morning is best.


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