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You're a ghost la la la la la la la la la
You're a ghost la la la la la la la la la
I'm the bishop and I've come
To claim you with my iron drum
La la la la la la


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    I set you free, I set myself free- but there was never anyone to be set free, my vain friend
  • Schizoid Personality Disorder:
    • They do not desire or enjoy close relationships, even with family members.
    • They choose solitary jobs and activities.
    • They take pleasure in few activities, including sex.
    • They have no close friends, except first-degree relatives.
    • They have difficulty relating to others.
    • They are indifferent to praise or criticism.
    • They are aloof and show little emotion.
    • They might daydream and/or create vivid fantasies of complex inner lives.
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    You and I are all ghosts- the self itself is a ghost.
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    Was it Salieri who killed Mozart? 

    Who's the who in the whodunnit? 

    John Abrahan Fisher (1744-1806), violinist, composer- born and raised in London. Lived in Vienna but was banished to Ireland by Emperor Joseph II
  • A few sets of pairs from the Dhammapada; 

    'He insulted me,
    hit me,
    beat me,
    robbed me'
    — for those who brood on this,
    hostility isn't stilled.

    'He insulted me,
    hit me,
    beat me,
    robbed me' —
    for those who don't brood on this,
    hostility is stilled.

    Hostilities aren't stilled
    through hostility,
    Hostilities are stilled
    through non-hostility:
    this, an unending truth.

    Or, another translation of this last quote:

     Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-kindness. This is an ancient law.

  • An angry, bitter person, with hatred in their heart and bitterness on their mind can justify themselves in committing even the most atrocious of acts. 

    Loving-kindness/sympathy/empathy is the only way to counter that vitriol. 
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