BS, where are thou?

What happened to our beloved BS? CB? Did he go to hollow earth? Did he loose himself in a redemption orgy in the nazi paradise of the 1930´s? Redemption can be adictive.
CB, you were the last to see him, is he finished with us, did you know why he started the whole thing with us to begin with? Is he going to return?


  • As we have to move along I´m going to say my goodbyes to BS. Before that I should really give my thanks to him. The work done by BS concerning reencarnation is second to none but he gave us much more, in a somewhat enigmatic style true but still valuable information came along. BS, thank you very much for everything. We won´t see each other I supose or comunicate any further so GoodBye.

    All The Best 
    Paulo José Alves 
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