Angel Signs

It is said that we receive signs from the angels. Two of those signs are finding coins and feathers. I find them frequently, am I being contacted?...I doubt it, there quite a number of birds where I live and about the coins it´s just that someone droped them. However...I can´t disreguard completely the possibility that I´m being reached, actually I have a small suspicion that might be the case. 


  • Just get "tuned in" and you will talk with your spirit guides.
  • Leftius, easier said than done. I don´t really know who is reaching to me , aparently it´s Archangel Michael but I´m not sure. My main spirit guide was human at the same time as me in past lifes. He has the vibration of "tough love". I´ve felt the tough side alright, not yet the love part...
  • I don't think that higher angels try to connect with a "normal" human. My spirit guide knows me very well from the past; we have been lovers in many lives on this planet. I always think of her as a female, but truth is that she is not male nor female.
  • Leftius, many people claim to contact Archangel Michael constantly, I don´t think that they are all lying...I supose that when we are here or on the other side we are male or female, depending of the sex we had the last time we incarnated. What bothers me is  we having a spirit guide that still needs to reincarnate, meaning that it is not yet "perfect". So we have to rely on the influence of someone who is not flawless and that can make mistakes, namely with our lifes...I supose that they can make mistakes... I know that my spirit guides are annoyed with me, I don´t listen to them. There are those whose spirit guide is their twin flame, not my case, mine is incarnated.
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