Teal Swan anyone?



  • Ok, we now have a view, at least a partial one, about what CB and Oskr think about our"double aquatic bird" guru, not much it seems... Leftius I don´t know but it seems he is open to examine openly Teal Swan and see if she has any validity. As BS is not going to comment, that leaves me and my opinion. Well, I don´t have one yet, not a complete and consistent one, I feel she is a real deal but I need to know more. 
  • "The end of the day, im entitled to my opinion"

  • @paulojose

    You have just chosen to ignore BS's comments on this subject....


    Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed... The traits of New Age Programming."
  • CB, what false acusation you launched upon me! I did not ignore BS´s comments, I tried to see what BS meant, I commented them. As usual BS does not respond or puts something completely ambiguous and obscure and I never know what the hell he means. Was he refering to what? To whom? I´m very interested in what BS has to say but it would be necessary that I understand what is being said. I repeat the question I made towards what BS said, who or what is selfish, shallow, self-absorbed? Any other inputs are welcome, feel free to say what you think CB, I value your vues, that´s why I asked your opinion and the one of the others.
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    There was nothing ambiguous about what BS said. 

     something is as plain as day or as plain as the nose on your face, it is very easy to see, or obvious and easy to understand."
  • Is that a joke? Plain as day hey? What day, where, in what planet? I do understand english, ambiguous is ambiguous.

  • You twitt teacher? Which account? @brian
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