The Monocle of Sobriety

Monocle: This pretentious type of eyeglass featured in a dream is a caution against pretending to be other than you are.



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    "Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."
    -Lilo & Stitch

    Family means you're never alone.
  • Not true Cynthia. Family means nothing. You can have a big family and be alone anyway, they can be absent by being far away physically or because they are far away in our minds.
  • It depends how you define family.
    I have many blood relatives I have no connection to due to life circumstances. They are not family.

    You can have a deep, familial relationship with someone who is honestly not even remotely related to you but who has guided and helped you through the toughest of times.
    People who stick by you are family.
  • OK, that is not the current definition, blood relatives, but it has some truth to it, no doubt. It is said that our friends are the family that we choose, because the other one was not chosen , it was an accident. We know that it was no accident, we chose our relatives before we came to this plane. But we do choose our friends, as you say our true family.

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