Twin flame

Some say that when our souls are created, they split in two. Does this make any sense?


  • Sounds like bullshit to me! I don't know what anyone else here thinks.
  • A Twin Flame is our half, it´s what many times is wrongfully commonly called a twin soul. This last one is a different being or beings, we can have several twin souls. The Twin Flame is the one without whom we are incomplete, it´s not a pipe dream, a romantic longing, it´s a reality. All the romantic attachements we can have are  second prizes compared with "The One" that can only be had with the Twin Flame. 
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    Yeah, I've heard about that idea before. And I guess no one wants to feel or think that they're alone in the world, so it makes sense to hope for someone out there who is MEANT to be there for you no matter what.

    But it just seems like wishful thinking, don't you think? The beauty of life is that people come and go, and we get to learn from them.
    Being completely attached to ONE person seems a bit limiting and kinda... immature?

    And obviously, a twin flame doesn't have to be a romantic partner. It could mean anyone, perhaps. But still, attachments and wishful thinking, dude!

    That's no way to live. Ya gotta be free, man.
  • It does seem to be wishful thinking, it´s not. You have one too Cynthia, a perfect match just waiting for you,think about it. Too good to be true? No it isn´t. 
    Once Peter asked about it and BS just posted a link to an article that said that our love companions are the most likely to cut our throats...As I said then, no romantic our BS.
    The relationships with a twin flame are more intense, there´s a completion, however they are not necessarily perfect, separations betrayals and divorces do occur.
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    Love is the best thing in the world. To give and receive.
  • The highest form of energy is love. Jesus energy is love. All human beings lust after it, they pursue it relentlessly without even realising what they are doing. The purpose of life is to manifest love, there is no evolution without it.
  • @paulojose
    It's better to be a little cynical, though, isn't it?

    The less you expect the easier it is to live through disappointment. And there's tons of that in life, always.
  • It is, indeed, only an analogy and an excuse for gay self-love.

    Having said that, the pendulum will indicate a "twin" soul - someone in your soul group that reflects this gay attraction.

    My father, for instance, is twinned with Shirley MacLaine!

    How monstrous and disappointing.

  • Altered States

    Sister cities or twin towns are a form of legal or social agreement between towns, cities, counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.


  • Legend has it that jet collisions injected atomized jet fuel into the Twin Towers at the points of impact, instantly setting extensive fires. 

  • Zen teaches us that ALL ideas and thoughts are seriously flawed.


  • Self-love, eh?
    As long as there is self there is no freedom or happiness. It seems so easy to be in pain when "self" is involved.
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    sadism noun
    sa·​dism | \ˈsā-ˌdi-zəm, ˈsa-\
    Definition of sadism
    1 : the derivation of sexual gratification from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation on another person
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  • What a downer that you are BS! Gay love?! What does gayness to do with the matter in question? Either the Twin Flame concept is true or it is not, no gayness or selfdelusion about it. It is true. 
    About the zen delusion, has anyone ever taken anything useful from a zen saying? If we take seriously all the "zenisms" nothing is possible, all thoughts are wrong, all efforts are pointless, everything is an intelectual mess. So, we should all kill ourselfes right now and save us and the world a lot of pain, is that it? 

  • Ego death is a "complete loss of subjective self-identity". The term is used in various intertwined contexts, with related meanings. In Jungian psychology, the synonymous term psychic death is used, which refers to a fundamental transformation of the psyche...


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    *jangly guitar music cued*
  • Twin flames are crossing right now an energy storm of a sexual and love energies. Big things are comming, according to those who believe those things that is.As far as I can see all that energy is not useful for the time being.
    According to some all the twin flammes are part of the 144 000. Hard to believe. One of the self assigned 144 000 swears like a saylor, out of 3 words 2 are curses,being her one of them in fact this shows that our expectations of the so called "spiritual" people are completely wrong.
  • Starting this month there is a big reunion of twin flames, it will go through 2020. Much love, much bliss but also a lot of conflict and pain, that´s how twin flame relationships are. They are superior but they can hurt as hell, after all they are lived by human beings. Are we destined to suffer? From above it is said no, but what do they know? They are not here in this hell hole!
  • Poor Hebbel is my twin flame. He is in Yemen right now. We will see each other in future lives.
  • "He"? He is a man and you are too, so you are gay? I´m asking because that´s what it seems.
  • We are souls, paulojose. He is my soul's close companion. I'm not gay.
  • So he is a close friend I gather, perhaps a soul mate. That is not a twin flame. Your twin flame is a woman of course, that is if you have one, I´m told that they are rare. You having one she will be your divine counterpart, your mirror. The encounters between twin flames are divinely orchestrated, ordered from above. However those encounters are not easy, age differences, big distances and so on, it´s like above don´t like to make it easy, they deliberately complicate things. Unsarpassable love is the promess but in reality conflicts and problems might arise and they do frequently.
  • Blissful love is the aim of a twin flame relationship, the truth is that many times it can be hell. Similar personalities, twin flames are mirrors of each other, and the intensity of feelings make it a big ordeal to pass through. Many flee, mainly the men, but there are those that attain the love relationship that is the aim of any human´s heart, to give and receive love with such an intensity not possible in a relationship with anyone else. 
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    Twin flames or not, relationships in general can be quite emotionally, as well as psychologically, strenuous.
    Ending a relationship because it would simply not work is not a negative- it is a sign of maturity.
    That includes relationships between twin flames or twin souls.
    You have to remember that all actions have very real, marked consequences.

    The truth is that there are always realistic expectations to place on any romantic liaison. Age differences do, of course, have their effect on how two people interact with each other.
    As do vast differences in cultures and distances.

    Although it is true that at times, the heart rules the head, and all proper judgement can seem to go out the window. Especially when a person is struck by a kind of love that is beyond anything they expected love to be.
  • Cynthia, many escape and renounce the soul contract they had made before they incarnated, the twin flame relationship is too much for them. I understand that but it is a renounciation, they give up, fail, it´s easier. Twin flames have work together to do especially at this day and age, it´s vital that it is done. People are people and twin flames are those for sure, so they have faults and difficulties, every day someone breaks the deal they made and escape their twin flame, I don´t blame them.
  • @paulojose
    It would be so beautiful to have a contract and to have fate on one's side, wouldn't it?
    But the point is that life is not so clean-cut. It's not about "failing", or "giving up"- there's just dynamics that are more functional than others.
    Say that there is a "soul contract" you bare with a twin soul or twin flame. Said contract doesn't preclude situations or circumstances you have no control over, neither does it preclude the fact that your rapport with said person might be dysfunctional.

    And if we want to talk about contracts, then perhaps you think of these relationships as if they were marriages? Just like a marriage might come to an end for very good reasons, so might these relationships.
    You shouldn't be with someone just because you should.
    You should be with someone because you want to, and because they make you feel loved, appreciated, and worthwhile.
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