i didn't...

... enter this forum lately because i thought "leave them alone with their own pain" = detachment, buddhistikally...
i hate ally mc beal the series, but i once incidetikally got a replika : "why your problems are more important than others' ?" - "because 'ey are... mine" ~

undisputed 3 the movie - great coreagrophy.


  • To understand the pain of others can help to resolve ours, and lead to great insight. Deatchment is selfish at some point
  • OK...
  • ABSOLUTE detachment & ABSOLUTE implication (attachment) - buddhistikally speaking - is ABSOLUTELY THE SAME STUFF... but, only a sith can deal in absolute... ha, ha,ha?
  • It is said that long before Yoda became the Buddha, ALL the Jedi had had a change of heart and had already gone over to the Dark Side.

  • @Ferz, please stop the dark side hope you are well
  • Who are the Jedi today? Civil servants? Who cares? Those who were notorious long ago cannot be it now, they had time to surpass the ilusions of the ego. I got traumatised, to be in the spotlight is dangerous, there are people all around...Better to be in the shade, you don´t become a target. Everybody was famous, and the opposite.
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