If you want this entrepreneur life you have to make sacrifices and eliminate the things and people who are holding you back from stepping it up to a new level. 


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    Human sacrifice is as old as humanity itself.

    "The Bible says it went back to Babylon."

    Come on, kid!
    Let's get some better primary sources. Honestly, a little more research and, you know, logical thought.

    Ancient Sumeria was sure as hell not the first place to practise any of that. Goes back to before there's probably any recorded data! Duh! Cavemen, anyone?

    But isn't it funny? Someone thinks they're sacrifcing the life of an innocent when they're really even sacrificing themselves.
    It's kind of ironic. Because that person thinks they're in control. But they don't control shit!
  • Also, it's very interesting.
    No one ever mentions mental illness or the very fact that you have to be literally insane to kill anyone.

    Wanting to control your environment via Magick is literally related to anxiety and fear, and suddenly you're in a place of needing control.

    Magick is a ritual. Rituals are a way of doing something over and over, about control and the reptilian brain.

    That comes from fear.
  • Fear is a very funny little critter.

    A primitive, raw, instinctual reaction. Necessary for survival.

    Yet so easy to manipulate. Careful!
  • We're all controlled by instinct here.

    It's only natural because our brains have adapted over millenia to, you know, survive. And instinct does that.

    But when you're driven too much by your instincts, you do very VERY stupid and harmful things.

    You just have to question your actions. And your motivations.

  • Fear is the root of most atrocities.
  • Pirate Ship
    "To see a pirate ship in your dream signifies your suppressed desires for freedom and adventure. You want to cut loose and go wild. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes hidden danger or hostility."
  • Sports

    To dream that you are playing a sport signifies the learning of rules, recognition of your talents, and the achieving of your goals. It also highlights the importance of cooperation, harmony, and teamwork.�Perhaps the dream is a pun on how you need to be more of a "sport". Alternatively, playing sports represent your perspective about sex as an aggressive act.

    To dream that you are watching a sports competition represents two opposing viewpoints or conflicting opinions.

    To play or watch extreme sports in your dream suggests that you may be pushing yourself too hard. You need to consider the risks involved and if it is still worth it to pursue further.

    If you dream of playing a sport that you used to play, then it means that you need to acknowledge your old talents or ignite some of your younger spirit that you may have lost along the way. Consider the time that you played, how it made you feel, and what was going on in your life. Your dream is trying to recapture an aspect of that time period.
  • Ping Pong

    To see or play ping pong in your dream suggests that you are going back and forth between two choices. You are confused over an important decision in your life and have difficulty committing to a decision, to a relationship or social obligation.
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  • The live reveal for Battlefield 5 is tomorrow!
  • Oh yeah it was.. and due to all political correctness is being messed up.
  • Political correctness? You mean the new name for not being a dick?

    What happened?
  • Women in the frontlines of ww2
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    Not very historically accurate, I guess.

    It's probably not about political correctness, though, but marketing.

    As a woman, I'd probably be more attracted to play if I can play as a woman. So more people will play and they'll make more money.

    I'd be more into playing any game if I can do so as a girl. I'm female after all.

    Everything I ever choose to play, I play as a female. Then again I don't play ever.
    I just watch my boyfriend play because I can't handle controls and I never learned lol. Would rather play the piano or watch Netflix than learn gaming and controls.
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