Alex Jones' Ex-Wife Tells All


  • Well, whether or not she was Manon Roland kind of misses the point here?

    Alex Jones CLEARLY has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (as stated in the interview).
    People with that particular type of personality disorder do have a dark side where they use people for their own glorified self-image.
    They lack empathy, they use and they abuse.

    Having personally dealt with a few people with the disorder in my own life, I've seen what people who bare NPD can do.
    They cause serious damage, and while people with the disorder are themselves usually the victims of tremendous abuse (which is how they develop it), they're like hurricanes. They truly destroy and hurt those around them without an iota of care.
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    Kind of important
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    It's important to note that someone who is abused as a small child can go down many paths.

    Another path is that of the co-dependent.

    Was nothing you ever did good enough?
    Feeling tired of giving, giving and giving?

    Have you turned into a dog on a leash?
  • No matter where you end up in life, there is NEVER any excuse to use or abuse others.

    And Alex Jones uses and manipulates others for his own, narcissictic and monetary gain. While it is true that his problems obviously stem from serious and heartbreaking abuse in early childhood, he had choices.

    We always, ALWAYS have a choice.
  • I cannot listen to this guy or any other talk show host..i do like alex
  • I like alex...I like his products....this guy doing the interview is a ass.  scientist debunked his products.....she is hurt.
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