THE HORROR novelist Stephen King, one of America's best selling authors, was recovering in hospital yesterday with a broken leg, hip and a punctured lung after being hit by a car near his home in Maine.

King underwent several hours of surgery early yesterday morning and was later said by doctors to be alert and comfortable. He sustained no head or serious internal injury.

Writer Stephen King has stoked controversy by appearing to welcome the train crash yesterday involving Republican lawmakers, tweeting that the accident was “karma”.



  • THE driver whose van struck and nearly killed the horror writer Stephen King last year has been found dead at his home after telling friends that he could not face another winter.

    Bryan Smith, 43, had become increasingly isolated after the accident near North Lovell, Maine, in which King suffered multiple injuries and nearly lost a leg.

    The author of Carrie and The Shining had pushed for Mr Smith to be charged with aggravated assault, which could have led to a jail sentence, and mocked him in a New Yorker article as "a character out of one of my own novels". Mr Smith, who had been left disabled by a building site accident, received a suspended sentence and lost his driving licence.
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