A few months ago my cousins were asking me reiki sessions and some readings, until the husband of one of them reportedly joined a santero like iniciation. My cousins stopped getting near to me, one was scared of it and asked me a solution to counter her husbands decition, she declined a reiki attunenment. We wanted to celebrate Christmas, and before the party the family got a spat, because a stupid thing on whatsapp, a hitler image. So the party was awful, and some of us ended with stomach problems for unknown reasons.

Now, another aunt came to visit after a long time..

I saw a black bird on my window and had a bad feeling, she reportedly became ill. Things of blood pressure down etc..

The family of my cousins is in a critical state, eber died a year ago, now his sister is alcoholic, her mother is alcoholic too. They are thinking of getting them both to rehab.

After some reiki sessions she got the loan she wanted after so long, now she is spending the money on partys and vice. Once she wanted me to go with her to drink alone even offered me money to do so. The money is running out and she is planning the runaway from the bank. I saw jail might be involved, the santero is said to have stolen money from her.

Is this a dark counterfit opposition to what the reiki was doing to my family, that part of the family is being taken by the dark side more deeply? I felt a not so subtle influence of darkness when all this party thing happened.



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