...what's he doin' with that cinema?...


  • ...einstein said about hydrogen & human stupidity - i ask about human' imaginatyion...
  • ...i hope YOU realise NONE OF THESE REPRESENTS ME - i'm just a drunker without opinions on anything & THANK GOD i still have a bed & a pillow to sleep on... yet.
  • I have to say I don't believe him. He offers no information about the future, why can't he describe the future in great detail? He also talks the same way people do today which does't seem right. 
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    ...i only watched that pen runnin' around, didn't listen what he said... it was my "exercising-body-language" of last evening... afterwise, i found the 2nd video... considere it a bad joke...

  • You might suspect your child has ADHD if, when he is climbing on the sofa or jumping on the bed, he goes off into a world of his own and doesn’t respond when you tell him to stop. Your child may appear to be daydreaming frequently.

  • Jajaja weird tom cruise
  • BS is a time traveler, ask him about it.
  • Yes, BS is, but the guy the video is making stuff up for his 15 minutes of fame. Although he has missed out a bit since his face was blurred.

    Some of us may also be time travellers.
  • Who of us is also a time traveller Peter?
  • @paulojose Don't you think it a possibility there are time travellers among us on this forum?
  • Peter, anything is possible but possible is not the same as probable.BS says he is a time traveler, recently he even said he was just going to 1934 Germany, he didn´t report about that, how was the weather, how was good old Hitler and so forth. It was a redemption travel if I sensed it correctly. Why would a time traveler be here with us? There isn´t anything worthwhile said comming from us, at least from me it doesn´t. Who where you thinking as a possible time traveller hidden among us?

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    I may be a type of time traveller. There is a particular woman I have liked for a long time. BS has said I've been following her through several life-times, perhaps more than several (a bit embarrassing). That would be hard to do without some type of time travel ability. Especially considering she was born several years AFTER me in this life. So how did I manage to be born before she was? And I also met her in this life, a mixture of nice and not so nice, and a somewhat broken heart too. She wants to move on and I need to fuck off and find other new friends. It seems I may have actually been married to her in a relatively recent past life and she had an affair and I may have killed her, as you do. This would explain why she was not entirely friendly. She's probably still a bit pissed at me. But she likely did that to me in other lives too since we may have been married 3 in 3 lives.

    Then again, I could be completely wrong about being able to time travel. Only BS knows. My memory of what we talked about may be a bit off.

    This place is Hell and it is better to get out of here rather than screw around here.
  • Peter, what you have just written is a bit confusing, I don´t see any sign of time travelling in that. There´s this woman with whom you have a connection from past life times and there she is is again in the your vicinity. OK, where is the time travelling in all this? Do you use an old phone booth often? No? Then there is no time travel. About we being in hell I agree 1000% and would be great if we could get the hell out of here but it´s not going to happen soon.
  • Phone booths are not needed when between lives.
  • Only BS here can explain the nature of time travel and who can actually do it.
  • BS won´t tell us. How to time travel wit the physical body would be great to know how to do, some say it´s an impossibility other´s say it is been done all the time by some governments namely the one of the USA. 
  • What time travel is goes beyond of our concepts made by hollywood.
  • CUT IT OFF !
  • flakka = bullshit... i drink& i get results...which i'm not prooved about...
  • Police boxes were usually blue, with the most notable exception being Glasgow, where they were red until the late 1960s.

  • Dr Steven Hairfield is an American monk. He went to India in 1963. He saw some of his past lives when in meditation after years of learning. He said he had been a Highwayman and robbed the wrong coach, once, and got hanged for his trouble.

    He makes an interesting clam in this preview clip that every 25,000 years there is a awakening for those that choose it-

  • Aleister Crowley thought that developing the “magickal memory” was an important part of magickal training. The magickal memory is the ability to recall past lives. In Magick Without Tears, chapter 37, he points out that one of the values of remembering past lives is that it helps you overcome a fear of physical death. 
  • However, deprogramming teaches us that thought, itself is a GAY pursuit.

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