Carmen Nava

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Hello Teacher @Brian!

My Grandma has received a cataract diagnosis recently, the doctors as always do not know nothing for sure, i went with her to an specialist which checked her and confirmed the diagnosis, but said they dont know if it will evolve, the root of the problem, like only know its  not that advanced yet. It was pretty dissapointing actually. 

They said that they dont know the outcome of the surgey, not even gave us some statistics, or else.. 

My Grandma asked me to consult with you a small reading, regarding this, she wants to know if its convenient for her to do the surgery for both eyes.

I explain to her the desition is hers at the end. She is pretty scared of of it. also, if she doesnt make it, if it will get worst, or if she could heal or stop it at some level, deal with it alone without surgery.

She made a little donation.

Thank you for the attention.


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