One radicalized White man upstages a bunch of Arab slackers who hide behind masks?



  • Isn't that society like a cult?
  • Cults prey on weak, vulnerable people seeking some kind of support or help.

    Anyone who runs one or creates one is truly... a very bad, bad person.

    A literal wolf in sheep's clothing
  • The White King
  • "The film follows Djata (Lorenzo Allchurch), a 12-year-old boy growing up in a dystopian territory, called Homeland, under a dictatorship and without access to the rest of the world. His father, Peter (Ross Partridge), tells him of the true nature of Homeland as well as of a treasure guarded by a man named Pickaxe (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson). Peter is later taken away by two government agents, leading to him and Djata's mother Hannah (Agyness Deyn) being labelled traitors by the government and the citizenry alike as Djata works to discover the whereabouts of his father."
  • it's 2 "white brotherhoods" to follow, in the occultistyk manner = aivanhov 's venezuelean branch & blavatsky 's...
    = i have posts on net on aivanhov's - maybe in weekend...
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    It is said that gay enchantment with one's own ideas is twice as gay as being enchanted by the ideas of others that we only think we understand.

  • Poor Cynthia, BS doesn´t give it a rest with slashing the gay world does he?I´m laughing with all this. But don´t give up Cynthia, push on, one day BS will see the light and will want to be a gay himself!...
  • ferz lives in a gay world of happy enchantment. 
  • I´m laughing again. I have to stop laughing about this. "ferz lives in a gay world of happy enchantment" ? Wow, that´s very funny and a bit stern too but I feel that ferz has a somewhat thick skin. We like you ferz, don´t you forget that!
    I didn´t find any record that Seyss Inquart was gay, of course that doesn´t mean anything at all. According to BS Hitler was gay too and conventional history books don´t mention it, so...
  • Glad you cleared that up.. Thought it was for other members of this group. Lol
  • Mademoisele LUNA, PAULOJOSE & OSKRZS (in order of replyes i see HERE...) = BRIAN doesn't mean (mean-!) to slash me, just tryes to "shake me up" - hoping i'm going to wake-up...as HE's doing to US all...
    ...therefore, i'll try my best (new joke stand-up) ↓
    - am i the only one who "smelled" that "modern scientists"&mind-control/psychotronyk' fake-fucks are members of ancient alchemysts familyes/clans... &, maybe some re-incarnatyions "in between"?
    ...&, what's the deal with the "innacuracy" between re-inc'&akasha stuff and mandela-effect?
  • any hierarchy has a basement...
    which way to start with - top or basement?
    ...what was keiser soze?
    "a f**king movie" !
  • At the start of the book, Oceania is at war with Eurasia. They have always been at war with Eurasia. That's the political consensus, and all historic documents agree. However, Winston Smith (the protagonist) remembers a time five years ago when Oceania was instead at war with Eastasia. Winston Smith struggles with philosophical idea of "truth". Which is more true, what everyone knows and what's in the newspapers, or the memories within his head?

    False memory syndrome (FMS) describes a condition in which a person's identity and relationships are affected by memories that are factually incorrect but that they strongly believe.
  • Plagiarism is a living force.

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    manson had a "che guevara syndrome" - he wasn't ball'ed enough to "finish it" until "ted bundy"...
    - 'ey got it from the derailed train & forced it to las vegas shooter... = i can be fooled so easily ' i scare myself sometimes.
  • fuck "random shooters" → watch ufo'$...
  • i took a tea break?

  • ...yeah, Carrie Fisher... what bloodline was she from?...
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