Today, for the first time, I am getting e-mails from this group. I haven't before...and it is much prefered not to. What has changed and how best to stop that from happening?


  • Web robots, simply called bots, are programs running automated tasks over the World Wide Web. Harvesting bots try to obtain email addresses ...
  • Somehow...nofication preferences were changed. They are reset.
  • BREEMABORG, i'm sorry but i don't und'stand...allow me to rephrase : are YOU getting e-mails from THIS group = us, THE TEAM... or, from a group? ...&, are the mails appearing in YOUR spam area within YOUR mailbox?
    - 'cause if it's da 2nd, i heard about the nigerian mafia campaign - 'ey send fake mails from unexisting persons & drivel about money needing to be transphered to your account & ask for your account & stuff... a friend of mine use to mock 'em, he gets the phone numbers edited in those mails & calls the guys (which are nigerian mobs)...&, after speaking with the guy on the phone, says : "ok, i'm now going to tell you my account number... if you let me f*ck your mamma!" -&, hangs up.
    - ha, ha, ha?...
  • saudi arabya & nigeria have a link 'tween any other mafia scams?
  • - nasser brothers, marc rich?...
    ... i'm an imbecyl.
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