Kidney failure

Hello guys

you know i wont bother you if it wouldnt be some important issue.

ive been presenting bubbles in the urine, sometimes much sometimes less, or almost nothing.

my weight is 75 my height 1.74

for months i didnt do excersice and for anxiety i ate some times 3 bannans a day and too much milk.. almost a 1L in less than an our.

i dont have other symptoms except for pain, but not too much.. and seems more when your back aches due to lack of excersice.

my digestive system is very lazy.

i have had bad experiences with doctors here, i dont ave ealth insurence since i dont work nor study, and their treatments or tests are not that cheap, and i dont have money, of course if truly needed i would get money on loan.

looking at te internet this relates to diabetes stuffbut.. the pendulum says its not the issue nor proteinure, i got this with tears in my eyes. 
the protein thing i relate is more due to intoxication of the urinal system, but if the case, i dont know how to clean it and if by now i would be seen some kind of progress, since i took back excercise and stopped the milk and drink lots of water.  i dont like to look at it anymore since i freak out all the more without some kind of real answer.

today wile i was doing a reiki session i saw lot of bannans while i had my hands below the middle back.

i dont know if its because i lack of potasio or i have too much of it.

i also got with the pendulum that i can get heal.

im very freaked out guys, also to make the problem bigger wasting time, any help would be appreciated.

Hopefully you can help too teacher @brian .




  • kidney cure
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  • Wrong focus.

    The idea is that when we focus on curing the problems of others, ours mysteriously disappear.

  • Lotus seeds and avoiding the intake of food cooked in oil is beneficial for correcting kidney and bladder problems.  Yoghurt mixed with lemon and honey will help clean away fat.
  • Thank you very much teacher. How the mind and self can destroy us so easily. Self is the worst friend.

    Thank you again.
  • CB, OskrZS needs our empathy, not the oposite...I´m sure you wish he gets well.
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  • OSKRZS, YOU got nothing on YOUR kidneys... YOU're ok.
  • CB, be nice. You, me and almost everybody here are sort of "guilloutine" personalities, hard and to the throat. We were like that in past lifes. Compassion is the right word for what we should feel for OSKRZS, which is something similar to empathy in spite of scholarly concepts saying otherwise.
  • If you are looking for truth, it just means you are being extremely evasive.
  • If the eyes are the windows to the soul, soulless people just have slits for the light to pass through.

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    "Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye." - Bill Hicks

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  • The kidneys, always used in the plural (kelayot), are mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible. In the Pentateuch, the kidneys are cited 11 times in the detailed instructions given for the sacrificial offering of animals at the altar. Whereas those instructions were for purification ceremonies at the Temple, sacrificial offerings were made subsequently in seeking divine intervention for the relief of medical problems. In the books of the Bible that follow the Pentateuch, mostly in Jeremiah and Psalms, the human kidneys are cited figuratively as the site of temperament, emotions, prudence, vigor, and wisdom. In five instances, they are mentioned as the organs examined by God to judge an individual. They are cited either before or after but always in conjunction with the heart as mirrors of the psyche of the person examined. 
  • There is also reference to the kidneys as the site of divine punishment for misdemeanors, committed or perceived, particularly in the book of Job.
  • The slaughter of the european population by war, famine and disease together with its domination is essential for the elite, not forgetting the big prize which is the posession of the USA. It is amazing as the logic of procedures and the final result imposes on everything. Stalin killed more than anyone else as did Mao, they didn´t feel any remorse, no dictator does, the first reason is that they don´t feel anything, it doesnt affect them personally. The second reason is that "it is necessary"...The elite thinks in the same way, for them people don´t really exist as beings that matter. The comunists and the muslims as many leaders in the past are just pawns to be used by the elite. We will suffer from their actions.

  • People who believe in reincarnation have very little compassion.

  • Life has beaten me up some much that I've got little compassion left. I still feel it faintly though. I must improve myself again.
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    This is sad @brian

    Why God needs to examine us if he knows the outcome?.

    The job story is the saddest in the bible.

    There arent lotus seeds here in México

    Thats a shame.
  • @paulojose

    Upon actually travelling and seeing the wonders of a city like Vienna and the amount of gold the Roman Catholic Church possessed... do you know how much exploitation goes on in the world? And has gone on for so long!?

    If the Church were to have spent even 20% of the resources they spent on these ridiculous gold artifacts (I'm all for art, but this is something else... I'm talking about a different beast here) them there truly may have been few famines and less of a class division.
    Also, where did these places get their gold and jewels!?
    The New World!? With residential schools in Canada in the north, a vast genocide that wiped out millions of Inca and destroyed their civilization in the south and more raping and pilllaging than anyone here could imagine.

    The amount of abuse that goes on in the world and has always been part of this place is disgusting. And you HAVE to be part of civilization and society to survive. You do. It's a fact.
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