• First of all, since when has it been a good idea to mix religion and government?
    The seperation of church and state is, by no means, a bad idea. It's one of the best ideas we, as humans, have come across! I'm not saying there haven't been regimes that have violently advocated for no religion that haven't committed atrocious acts, but the main point is that we have a right to choose whatever religion we want.

    There are people in the United States (as per the story that began this thread) that are, quite simply, not Christian.
    Say you're Buddhist. Is it really fair to have Chritianity and its tenets (whether legitimately in the Bible or not) constantly flaunted and used as an excuse to pass certain laws? No.

    And that's the point. Linking religion into government is a problem: government is very boring and should be very clinical. Also, not being part of a government's religion can lead to persecution and a terrible disparity in opportunities.
  • Also, FOX? Come on, man. You're better than this!

    Call me a horrible person now but I have to. Numerology is an old vice, sorry kid.
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    Also, about a billion people in the world are Muslim. That's one in seven people.

    You can't possibly tell me you'd discriminate one in seven people because of their culture and/or religion. Especially considering what great choice we have in the matter. I certainly didn't choose what culture I was born into or what religion my parents practised. And frankly, they didn't choose their own culture or religion either.

    You're better than this! How can someone so well-travelled and well-educated think like this? An engineer that's studied and lived in places like Russia, India, Thailand, etc.? Not to mention living in all those places means being a polyglot, or even a hyperpolyglot! That's an extra level of education there!

    It's baffling. Honestly, it is.
  • Mademoisele LUNA - it's known that fox & visa are 666... vi=roman6, s=greek6, a=as'irian6...
  • muslim?

  • "how can someone so well-travelled &well-educated think like this?" = he's a satanist!!! that is a satanist !!! totally sold to satan !!!... travelled&educated? - bullshit ! he's got NO SOUL ! → those dark-agents are worst than clones.
  • @ferz
    I wasn't lecturing Bernie Sanders.

    I was lecturing someone else, like an angry Italian aunt.

    Zia Anna Maria Luisa è terribile, terribile!
  • Cynthia, who is the engineer that was in Russia, Thailand and Russia? BS? If so your "atack" on him is very funny. But you won´t be smithen with a ray from BS, he likes you, you are, according to OSkrZS, a favourite.. 
  • i demand to be noticed i don't agree favouritisms in HERE - we are equally bad or else... = roasted!
  • ferz, well said, now you should demand that you become a favourite too! Whatever that means.
  • ...&, 'cause titanic... ↓

    (' posted it in "Flash" topic, page3 previously...)
  • PAULOJOSE, favourite in romanyan is "favorit", which also is used as "lieblings frisure"... therefore, it means ↓


  •, as much as i like pocahontas - sorry, i don't want to become a ... favourite = au contraire → paria written all-over me !...
  • How about teacher´s pet? Would you like that? It´s an american expression, I doubt that BS would be interested in having anyone here as a pet, much less as a favourite.

  • As everything changes i doubt bs favourites remain the same, if there were any at all.

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    'course i forgot to add to the titanic saga ↓

    -click on "...x-files...mummy returns"
  • ...&, 'cause the topic is 'bout clowns actin' in 2nd-hand-movies, i'd say the titanic saga, just like wtc&pentagon super-productions fit in just fine...
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