ok, next level...

WE know who billy meier was, who jim sparks was... who was andrew basiago? - not to mention the "soul-group" of m' eisenhower, mars-attack & cartoons...


  • ...oh, laura ... eisen... stein.
  • ...madeleine - i was right...enhower...
  • ...wow - aaahh... nevermind.
  • ...why don't i ask who Aaron McCollum was ? - 'cause he was born in 2078 & has dolphin dna = who 's gonna be interested in a dolphin re-inc'?...
    - is james casbolt & leparia (maria orsitsch's daughter) somehow involved in this ? &, how about max spiers ?...
  • &, Aaron said - before 2013 - "i trust axe with my life", THEN axe turned-out to be a witch & semjase/traute? & sigrun became part of IDYLWILD... &, sigrun was kinda-blackmailed with gudrun, her daughter with odin/yahweh = by whom?
    ... should i go further ?...
  • = "why do men fuck? - 'cause 'ey try to get back-in, but even that 'ey 're not able to ... perform 'till the end-of-it?"...
    - GOD, i (??) should've been a comedian
    what happened to me ?
    - i guez so many re-borns were like face-lifts = affected personality ... what? what is perso... what ?...
  • Knowledge is like food - it needs to be processed, broken down and excreted. Then forgotten. We need to make room for dessert.

  • Writing books of garbage would only pollute the stream of human consciousness, seriously clogging up and degrading what's left of the Collective Unconscious.


  • Why not simply study one's own psychopathy and do something about it?
  • When we could say we know something? Real knowledge what is? If it comes we know?
  • If in your dream you have lost a limb, for a female this shows losing your honor. If you are a man, this dream can show that you have fear of the future.
  • Perhaps, repeat the same level until you get it right?
  • True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. - Socrates

    Each day is a new beginning.
  • How can every day be a new beginning when you're stuck in the same level over and over and over again?
  • There's only so much repetition a person can take
  • And yet a very wise person once told me that the present is all we have because it is the only time when we have the power to act and make choices.
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    Knowledge = Dangerous Possession

    Knowledge takes on the essence of its possessor or eats away at the essence of who(m)ever it possesses?

  • When something controls you, you don't really possess it.
  • pol·ka

    1.a lively dance of Bohemian origin in duple time.
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