was isais semjase?...

...&, is lilith sister of lucypher, through da hall-shy-than "duplication" & shaka-than hoax ... or, what ?
- yeah, i'm on my philosophy-mood...
= i know it's bullshit, just like the red&blue pills are both placebo.


  • i can't link anything
    isais templars
    in google images
    -paradoxally(?), mostly pinterest re-directions, which are not-available to me on the phone.
    ...&, yes ~ i think i got the sigrun&gudrun paradigm/idiosincrasy...
  • ...moses killed an egiptyan, hah?...
    &, yahweh is not odin... &, zeus is greek.
  • BRIAN, i'm gonna ask YOU this - should i shut-the-fuck-up?
    - sweden was frequently, lately, target of cyber-attacks...
    -yeah, i'll shut-the-fuck-up, norway-spiral...oops.
  • When I met Semjase in India, she told me that many lifetimes ago she had been Adolf Hitler.
  • Somehow meier seems to be connected with the time traveler of jj Benítez Trojan horse

  • Peek through the stars, look up at the head of the bull. He brings the lance. Measure out of the stars: From the head of the bull to the water jug. Under the medium the black-brown stone is hidden.
  • “On Margate Sands.  
    I can connect  
    Nothing with nothing.  
    The broken finger-nails of dirty hands.  
    My people humble people who expect  
  • Both are time travelers who went to see Jesús?
  • I think that book is inspired on meier?
  • So its wrong to say meier was around you at the time of París and achillies?
  • If in your dream you have lost a limb, for a female this shows losing your honor. If you are a man, this dream can show that you have fear of the future. 
  • An Achilles' heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common.
  • “The narcissist is haunted by the feeling that he is possessed of a mission, of a destiny, that he is a part of fate, of history.  He is convinced that his uniqueness is purposeful, that he is meant to lead, chart new ways, to innovate to modernize, to reform, to set precedents, to create.  Every act is significant, every writing of momentous consequences, every thought of revolutionary calibre.  He feels part of a grand design, a world plan and the frame of affiliation, the group, of which he is a member, must be commensurately grand.”

  • Thanks teacher. Today while meditating the idea of narcissism came across.
  • Wait. Meeting Semjase?

    Was this through meditation or via some other kind of visitation (channeling)?
  • http://sustainedaction.org/Chronologies/chronflorinda_summary_and_intro.htm

    -definitelly, castaneda was a psy-op to cover-up the identityes of georg von altenstadt & the 5 vrilerinnen...
    - definitelly, florinda donner-grau was traute, but i can't not notice she also look-alike with semjase...

  • june 28 2012 5:33pm
    former white hat posted a mention :
    " she [maria orsitch-my note] is not with the group that went to 1998 and then 2012 [...]"
  • 'should i shut-the-fuck-up?'



    BS even answered with proper grammar!


  • ....of course 'No" could answer a multitude of the questions that are asked....
  • BREEMABORG, i und'stand HOW YOU perceived my "should i shut up?"...
    - the context is this: i was concomitant posting in PAUL's forum & i was drinkin' & i observed a pattern in lately cyber-attacks against servers in sweden...&, "conectin' the dots" with paddy fields findings on Idylwild group & with project chani... i got a lil' scared ~ &, knowing zetaboards is cia & some dudes from hangzhou (probably the chiaos&jesuits center in china) are also monitorising that forum, & this domain being mi6...
    - i scare myself sometimes, just like porky-pig...
  • BRIAN answered using proper grammar, but also mixing a cool info - he met Semjase - with the... nonsense? that she was hitler sometime in the past...
    i stick to my dillema: florinda donner grau is traute, clear. but, is she also semjase?
    definitelly would explain more proper' sigrun 's implication in Idylwild agenda...
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