• why this happens?, (sigh) thanks.
  • Poverty of thought is a global reduction in the quantity of thought and thought perseveration refers to a pattern where a person keeps returning to the same limited set of ideas.


  • “. . .train himself to think BACKWARDS by external means, as set forth here following.
    (a) Let him learn to write BACKWARDS. . .
    (b) Let him learn to walk BACKWARDS. . .
    (c) Let him. . . listen to phonograph records REVERSED
    (d) Let him practice speaking BACKWARDS. . .
    (e) Let him learn to read BACKWARDS. . .”
    (Crowley, Aliester. Magick:Liber ABA, book four, 1994 Ordo Templi Orientis ediiton, p. 639)


  • Decoding the thoughts of idiots is NOT rocket science!

  • You are a master, teacher. Im just a lame beggar. How some one leaves such a limited frame.
  • OSKRZS, if YOU are "a lame beggar", means i'm... "what am i doing in this universe? what is an universe? what are these voices in my heads called thoughts? what am i doing? ... WHAT IS THIS? AAAAAAA !!!"
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    That explains why, when someone starts saying trite things about feelings, love and "listening to your heart" and "follow your intuition" a wave of confusion will overcome me.

    You'd think it would overcome most people. Being vague and weirdly feely-washy is very suspicious.
    Yes, let's be idiots. Let's all be dumb feely-washy people.
  • Just a mental note for alchemists.

  • - a romanyan writer, freemason though, has left this witt : "i feel enormously & (i) see monstruosly"
    ...&, a teacher of romanyan literature & language (somethin' teached in school in romania) explained it like this - while i was in highschool : did he mean he was just observing the monstruosityes surrounding him or was he considering it's just his way of seeing things ?
    - clever, hah ?...
  • its hard to see... im just dumb teacher. ow i can end this mental poverty.
  • a zen-master was wondering from village to village carrying a bag filled with candyes ; in each village, he was offering candyes to children...
    a young willing-to-know guy has met him & asked the master : "master, what eliberation-in-life means?" - the old master left his bag to the ground...
    "&, how can i obtain eliberation-in-life, master?" - &, the master has put his bag back-on (on his back) ... & moved-forward, leaving like chaplin...
  • teacher, if it was not a matter of alchemy, how i could have help him?. thanks.
  • Atoms, Jupiter? What?
  • Also, it won't let me comment on the mobile site, I have to switch to desktop mode to do anything. A bug? Maybe I just need the latests phone update or something.

    At best it can be short for evolution or maybe E Vol, which would make it a measurement of something.
  • Reptilian thinking allows the circle to become a slit and the slit to become a circle.
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