are we all jews   long but interesting...............thoughts.  I do get that jesus lived to be a old guess he lied? they always portray jesus as a true non sinner



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  • Mental Fermentation. The task of any initiate is to create a story and sell it to further the Great Cause. 

  • “I, Randall Zwinge, will die today.”
  • "are we all jew's'?" - a rethorykal questyion, & as any rethorykal questyion it needs an answer :
    = 'ey 're much-enough to play mossad-games & fool a whole ... humanity ?
  • @Brian
    THANK YOU. I was going to practically say that but very rudely. Quite rudely, in fact.
  • Rhetorical doesn't mean it needs an answer.
    (of a question) asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.
  • Mademoisele LUNA, it was a quiet evening in romanya when a good friend of mine (at least i wanna think he considers me his friend) decided that each & every rethorykal questyion DOES HAVE AN ANSWER - capisci...
  • A rhetorical question is asked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.

    Quite Frankly, why would anyone want to elicit information from dunderheads?

    If Narcissism ever got out of hand, we would find inevitably encounter something similar to a "Trump" effect where small minds would constantly battle to outdo each other in order to garner public favor.

  • ... the ultimate-example my fiend used was : 2 guys stand on a train-station-walkside & the train nearby them begin to move & a guy asks the other : "did the train just leave?" - rethoryk'-questyon & the other guy ANSWERS :"dhaaa..."
  • try type putin jewish in google &... enjoy-the-ride ?
    "what did you expect ? snow-white ?"
  • There are clear echoes of the Wandering Jew in Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, whose plot line is adapted from a story by Heinrich Heine in which the Dutchman is referred to as 'the Wandering Jew of the ocean'.

  • but, tarantino can tell the story of the ring in a 1-hour-&-1/2 movie ... "inglorious nibelungen" ?
    - YOU know why i turned-it-out from wagner to tarantino, right ?...
  • I surrender 3.0?
  • Myths, legends and speculations about St. Germain began to be widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and continue today. They include beliefs that he is immortal, the Wandering Jew, an alchemist with the "Elixir of Life", a Rosicrucian, and that he prophesied the French Revolution. He is said to have met the forger Giuseppe Balsamo (alias Cagliostro) in London and the composer Rameau in Venice. Some groups honor Saint Germain as a supernatural being called an Ascended Master.
  • &, i call saint-germain a smelly-crap.
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    What s the connection between savile and the count st germain?
  • OMAR, please forgive my short-memory but "my-people-here" are kinda-used-to-it - &, HERE 's the "catch" i forgot to remind YOU : it's not about jewish-ethnicity but about sionyism
  • sionyism is da most satanyk' ideology ever - it developed neomessianyism which mendellsohn has fed mordechai-levi aka karl marx & from this ---> communyism...
  • sionyists are enemyes of the human specie' & the most powerful anti-sionyist movement is in ... israel - on the other hand ("hidden-hand"), ALL rabbis are freemasons.
  • sionyists are promoters of "internationalism" & 'ey use 'eyr-own-people = jewish-ethnyks to fullfil 'eyr intersts...
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