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  • O.C.D. can definitely screw with your brain, but the interesting part is always that, for some very odd individuals (I had O.C.D. affiliated with numbers and daily rituals) there's this weird belief in numbers having this deeper vibrational meaning.

    And that's when you get into very odd metaphysical stuff like Numerology which can lead to all kinds of things and then, when you read more and more into this, you can become really quite deranged.
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    Obsessive compulsive disorder is also affiliated with anxiety disorders.
    People who have O.C.D. go around in loops and can't quite get things out of their heads or centre themselves in the moment, like people with anxiety disorders.

    And then there's the other odd part that some people with autism show obsessive compulsive traits or oddities. Like becoming very upset when your food is served in a plate that is not your special plate or when you don't eat with your special green spoon. That's very fastidious and thus affiliated with compulsions.

    Then there's stereotypy, which is associated with autism. I would personally experience it when having anxiety attacks. Stetereotypy is when you repeat the same motion or utter the same word for an extended period of time and can't stop. For me it only occured when I was having an attack, and people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder also experience this during other kinds of "attacks".
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    So we can thus conclude compulsions are a very basic part of the human psyche when it is fractured.
    Compulsive behaviour probably shouldn't be just affiliated to something like obsessive compulsive disorder per se, although it often is because there seems to be no other way to classify such symptoms when there seems to be no other cause. If these symptoms do in fact just point to a single disorder, then why do all these people with very different mental illnesses experience very similar symptoms? Is the person diagnosed with O.C.D. perhaps really suffering from something much more serious and complicated that is very plainly just never addressed? I sure was.

    The question then becomes about the human brain and exactly what short-circuit malfunction leads to this anxious, looping, irrational motion that we label compulsion.
    It's affiliated with a number of very serious mental illnesses that are quite debilitating to anyone who has experienced them.
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    So this is related to issues with the circuits between the prefrontal cortex and the ventral stratium, of which the hypothalamus is a part of.
  • Now, @Brian;

    #1. What did you say about the hypothalamus in the past?

    #2. What are the karmic lessons affiliated to insanity in general, to an illness as dire as schizophrenia or to some more mild like incessant compulsions without a cause? And by lessons I mean "what did you do wrong in the past and why is this happening?".
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/articles/personalityandindividuality/selfcontrol.shtml

    Then there's problems with the neurotransmitter serotonin associated with compulsions. This neurotransmitter is usually found in the gastrointestinal tract (note its affiliation with the nervous system), the central nervous system and blood platelets.
    Popular belief will tell you it's affiliated to happiness, personally I have no clue if that's really true but there's some creey TED talk where a guy calling himself "Dr. Love" prescribes viewers four to eight hugs a day or something to increase serotonin levels. It's kinda weird and seems like it would never work. How the hell is hugging someone going to help you produce a neurotransmitter???
  • Also, wouldn't teaching mindfulness be the antipode of teaching compulsion in a sense? They're almost opposite mindsets and probably part of the reason why this forum's admin has always adamantly advocated against it despite at some point claiming to do workings in Magick (which seems to be based around anxiety and the compulsion to control).

  • Cynthia you are a bright person, that is clear in everything you write. Your mind battles are your personal hell, but who determines who wins your battles is you and only you, sometimes it seems easier to give up but when that happens we know we are lying to ourselves. Compulsions are automatic tendencies that are msot of the times negative and that have a definite origin, ideally we should go to the origin of the problem to wipe it out.
  • In the beginning was the Word. A brief spell in jail is the result of a short sentence?

  • Sorry teacher, dont understand. Why?
  • http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Brain.html

    ... &, hypothalamus paranormal - in google = ' see what YOU find, i can't link sites sorry...
  • ... america founded by geniouses ?
    - please don't get-me-started on how america was founded, & by whom ...
    ok ?
  • Genius


    late Middle English: from Latin, ‘attendant spirit present from one's birth, innate ability or inclination,’ from the root of gignere ‘beget.’ The original sense ‘tutelary spirit attendant on a person’ gave rise to a sense ‘a person's characteristic disposition’ (late 16th century), which led to a sense ‘a person's natural ability,’ and finally ‘exceptional natural ability’ (mid 17th century).
  • Facing your shadow self can be liberating, but you  may end up losing all of your super powers.

  • ok brian, rub in my face tht i dont have a mojo!
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