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Yesterday while doing a reiki session for my grandma, got a connection to the carmen opera, which, it has its roots in a person near to maria manuela kirkpatrick, who is direct linked to eugenia de montijo, wife of napoleon 3. yours truly aka  supposeddly Camilo Benso is closely connected to them.

Hopefully this post wouldnt be ignored by the teacher aka @brian.

Thanks in advance.


  • The story is about a guy who joins some criminals in a band because of carmen and kills her lovers because of jelousy. The guy is called Don Jose, my grandfather is called Jose, too.
  • Here comes Ferz saying Bizet was a freemason..

  • To my surprise my grandma said that she went with my grandpa jose to watch Carmen to the theater.

    Bizet was planning to write Carmen secculare by Horace to music, August's rome is connected to that.
  • Romani people, are a nomadic ethnia known as gypsys.

    - sa fii sanatos
    = a romanyan saying - free-translation means "may YOU be healthy", but also involves a ... dettachment from a situation & neutrality-attitude as "none-of-my-busines', ma'an"/"none of my consern..."
  • OSKRZS, i'm kinda sorry to announce YOU... camillo benso was a freemason, bizet i didn't check... - funny, hah?...
  • Here comes ferz saying Camillo Benso was a freemas.... wait, that happened already!
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    So the gypsy spirit, is a rebellious one, they are portrayed in most xx century art as dominant, demanding, seductive, alluring sexually arousing.

    Basically a lunawhdavies7, you know, goddess type.
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    perhaps this info is a reflection of crowley, since there is this wall of the scarlet woman.
    So what we can consider ere is the possible past lives connection to napoleon 3 and emperor august, also some violence in her relationship in a past live.

    which they need to be investigated with a superior form of consciousness.
  • In the purest forms of Reiki there is none of this nonsense, of course.The tortured limitations of the confused minds of the so-called healers should clear in time.

  • Keywords - Love Affairs and Betrayal.
  • Love is one of the most destructive and dangerous forces we know. Yet people celebrate it rather than fear it.

  • Light and Love is the ultimate curse.

  • light and love? where they came from?.
  • "Love and Light" is a term commonly used by New Agers that is flung around like some kind of coverall, sweeping whatever has come before it in its passive aggressive fluorescent light. ... “I am only love and light. All I am is love and light.”
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  • Like a more personal talk for teaching would help?

    Like i feel alone in this in certain way.?
  • The Collective Unconscious is cramped and limited.

  • Ok no more past lives until they appear in my face on their own.
  • An inconvenient illness.
  • Its true teacher. It needs to go.
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