• = is this what i think it is ? - what have 'ey done ?
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    A big list of charades topics and words lists, including books, movies, celebrities, fictional characters, objects, and actions.

  • -yeah, like-in a shooter knows who to hit in a crowd... i mean, what if - i say what if ? - by "decoding" this supposedly "ezekiel-point" would make the whole 2000-2017 gate-ways/nesara stuff... comprehensible ?
    - as in, why the fuck did 'ey sent max spiers' clones to impersonate richard the lionheart & saladin just for controlin' the palestinian area, so centuryes after - or, before? - 'ey be able to use t h lawrence & bunch to make israel happen... nowadays ?
    = beyond mi11/12/15 is mj12/"black-monks" & beyond is reptilians & beyond is ... woo-doo deamons&devils...
    ( ' noticed mossad got "pushed-away" sometimes/somewhere "on the road" - "get the fuck out of my car, chunk..."
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