Client issue

I had this cousin living with me. He came to us because he did several very wrong things like breaking into anothers house and stilling things from it, perhaps stilling from people in the streets.

first he came because i said to my mom we could help him with reiki and other tings, but the guy is so rebel he managed to say to his father he could pull out things without my help or reiki.

months passed and he studied with my mom in the school she works in. He got expelled from the school, an he promised if he could stay in our house he would study and took reiki. i have had this issue with him where he doesnt want to do even simple things i tell him. i got mad with him and his father because he doesnt even know wat his son did and he doesnt want to treat his son bad for some reason.

i did various reiki sessions and i saw a little progresss but after our spat i rejected my uncles money and we stoped the sessions.

but after what the teacher said yesterday, i got this bad feeling about bad karma, because of hubris. Perhaps am not doing gods will, dont want to take risks on that. sorry perhaps i need to go humble and set the sessions back on.

that means to apologize... 

any advice will be  appreciated, thanks.


  • sorry OSKRZS - this is exactly the situation discus'ed previously, involving compas'ion, und'standing & "degree of counsciousnes'" ...
    " no one can help" = sorry, it's on YOU alone to decide - YOU are the only one in the universe, in this Creation able/in-title to decide in this matter ...
    sorry, ma'an...
  • All you can do is offer help. You can't force him or try to persuade in anyway. The choice must be his. So offer help once then it is down thorium to accept.
  • Thanks guys, lets see if i can put the sessions back on.
  • @OskrZS

    Stealing? Is he doing it because he needs to or because he gets a thrill from it? Kleptomania perhaps?

    Met people with that, it takes therapy to get to the root of that.

    Have never tried Reiki for a disorder such as that. When I send it I never tell the recipients I am sending them anything either... It is powerful though... but maybe it's not all that's needed to help him though.
  • In my comment thorium was meant to be 'to him' must have made typo which was then changed to a silly word by the compuetr.
  • PETER, try to type a letter first, like a & put the clicking-line right-in-front-of-it & then type YOUR reply, in the end delete the a... the text should type normal (with that a in the end...) = YOU got my drift...
  • No teacher.. I dont get what you mean with this. @brian
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