Man 'possessed by the devil' in Brazil hospital

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Possessed man? LINK 
Clearly he isn't too well.



  • Some Daily Mail comments:
     "Flakka, the zombie drug"
    "Too much crystal meth more like"
  • PETERDUFFY, definitely it's a lot of ways to achieve several types of counsciousnes' stades, some above & some bellow... & some drugs are indeed producing biochemical reactions which are... not good.
    = i only trust nature - mary jane, cannibus, opium...
  • Soul Destroying - Tedious and Uninspiring?

  • What happens when Conspiracy Theories designed to invigorate the mind and spirit for profit also become tedious, uninspiring and ultimately soul destroying?

  • The Devil has ultimate dominion over the Earth. He owns everything!
  • Very true.So if we don´t want to get owned we have to get out of here. According to the Bible he won´t be the landlord within some years, that situation will last 1 000 years. If we believe that we also have to believe that he still rolls the dice and either we play along or we get ejected. Nice.
  • The Devil is a pathetic being. Just grow up, Satan! Grow up.
  • Leftius, satan is already very big, he doesn´t need to grow, to become bigger...Just joking. About him being pathetic, well he rules the show, so he is getting what he wants.
  • What does Satan want? Deceive people?
  • yeah, maybe the "satanic error" is its try to conquer it's own delusional chimeras, & this way feeding its phantasy that it grows... bigger?
    &, this might be that "satan" is an insane paranoid fat fuck ? - just kidding?
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    Perhaps he couldnt find basic conspiracy theory level invigorating anymore. if he finds some useful data the people doesnt listen to him. He is there because he has not been able to become more advanced and accepts that not so invigorating fact, perhaps because he sees only a responsability behind.
  • of course... it's a field where anything goes, as YOU already noticed...
    perhaps is the basic term & philosophising is ... the exercise, if YOU wish...
    abstractysaction is my sin, for example
  • Did you know that Ronwe commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell?

  • Ronwe commands nineteen legions of devils in Hell? Germanicus only commanded 8 legions, feeling a bit left out there. ;)
  • BRIAN, i got it = ronwe -ronyin...
    = fuck ronwe. ronyin i got from the japanese ronin, masterles' samurai...&, i chose it as an yahoo mailbox name in a period i was in a lot of fights...with my inner deamons & not only...
    PETERDUFFY, i don't have to tell YOU the difference between 8 legions of warriors & 9 legions of freaks... aah, deamons.
  • Ha You are correct Ferz :D
  • so why we would deserve hell? peter, cynthia and myself are reikist with you. i do ate least one or two reiki sessions almoust daily beside the personal one. i got the notion that when i do reiki to all my cakras the rainbow stuff appears... i wanted to work but i cant.. ain a little intolerant. then hell?
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