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Been attempting meditation again but always fall asleep mid-session because of the extreme relaxation. Usually even hear a ringing noise when I meditate that's a very high B, one time it got really loud and become an ell-encompassing (higher) Eb.

There's admittedly also some sleep deprivation involved too.

How do you stop yourself from succumbing to slumber in the middle of meditation?


  • Life is a dream. You have already succumbed. Meditating inside a lucid dream is considered very effective.

  • Because lucidity only comes with meditation, we get a Catch-22 situation.
  • I am Perplexed!

  • The Great Beast 666.
  • @Brian
    So don't do anything, it's all humbug. Bwahahahahaha?

    I don't know WHAT I expected anyways.
  • Also... vibrating is something that happens at the beginning of every session and then the loud high B and Eb.
    I know what the vibrating is. What the hell are the high notes?

    I never get too far in because I am immediately overcome with the need to sleep. Even after two cups of coffee.
  • " 's so silence that my ears tinkle" = high-notes is the sound of higher vibrations 
    = do-re-mi ... higher-sounds=higher-vibing

  • = the tinkling of the ears when too quiet = subtle bodies vibrating-sound(s)...
  • You mean the overtone series?
    Do re mi as in moveable do? Because I hear a ringing B.

    It would make sense. B to B, then F#, then B again and then D#=Eb.
  • I hear B6 to D#7
  • LUNA, i know nothin' about music - only to listen...

    = oh, the only parallel i know 'tween music & chakras is edgar cayce 's...


    ... prayer "our Father" verses comparison with music-notes/a-melody...
  • chakras are corespondents of 
    muladhara=do, schwadistana=re, manipura=mi, anahata=fa etc.
  • Chakras are a simple mental construct to help beginners understand energy work. The concept itself contains NO profound mystery nor displays expanded understanding, since knowledge without wisdom is a hatful of hollow.

  • Deprogramming is so impossible?
  • Eugen Nicolae Gisca revealed da REAL structure o' da human body (all-in-onnes):
    "Da three components - da star o' da soul, da causal body o' da soul and da soul' body - 's an un-destructyble unity durin' da incarnate life o' da human, ' we can name soul or personality.
    Da soul body' s a body barely humanoyd form, which doesn' t totally reproduced da exterior structure o' da materyal body. Da soul body seems like a whittysh ghost, ' same as those ghosts fro' da disneys o' fro' da movies: breadth in da shoulder' area and thiner in da lower side o' da body. Hands 'nd legs 're quite imprecisely configured.
    Da soul body 'n' t reproduce neither da inner organs o' da materyal body, neither da nerve system. Durin'human' life, da soul body' s a little smaller, ' dimension', than da materyal body. ' Matures 'nd growes while da materyal body, not ' out o' this one' s dimensions. Da eyes o' da soul body - da intensity o' da lookin', da colour o' de eyes, includin' tics o' da occular eyes etc. - 're identykal to da materyal body ones. Here' s a confirm' of that old ancient tale sayin' that "de eyes 're da mirror o' da soul". This fact' s mo' accurate than we' d believe.
    (...) Da soul, as an ansambly, 's just not'in' else than da reflection, ' one single life, o' da ghost body.
    (...) Beside da interyor 'nd exteryor auryk bodyes, Eugen can detect other four aurykal structures: da pattern protection structure, da new etherykal body (aka "da superyor etherykal body"), da auryk heart and da light band 'round da head. 'Our clasification, ' s da fourth category ' aurykal structures. (...)
    Da fun-da-mental o' da human bein' 's ' o' da assambly o' da individuality, ' composed o' da spiryt, da "cover o' da spiryt" 'nd da causal body.
    Each o' these three basyk energetykal-informatyonal structures ' got a spherykal shape. da spiryt ' got da dimensyon o' a ping-pong ball,, da "cover o' da spiryrt" ' appears as a membrane 'round da spiryt, 'nd da causal body 'ppears as an orange size sphere, veilin' da "spiryt cover'" 'nd da"spiryt". All da three spheres never separate, ' compact assembly.
    (...) Da Divine line' s an energetykal line, seemin' laser, ' seen fro' over 1 m benneath da human head 'nd seem' to end somewhere 'low unda da feet. Da Divine line doesn' t end (ever) over da haed, but ' continuin' in infinyte, but this aspect' s not visible fo' da second "view".
    Da Divine line runs through da center o' da spiryt. ' Can be considered as "da silver line" linkin' da human spiryrt to GOD. DaDivine line represents da permanent link o' da human with GOD, 'GOD' s projectyon in(to) human body bein' da spiryt.
    ' Level o' da auryk human structure there' s anotha Divine line, which seems to 've been previously actyve; this one' s a ' lil' older Divine line. Maybe da olda' divine line had an identykal role as da actual Divine line, durin' a very ancient peryod o' time ' human history. Deold Divine line 'ppears as a remnant 'bout ' get definitely erased, as a previous(ly) luminous wire, ' today seen very slight. ' Seems to get dim fro' an existence to anotha ("methempsychosys" s**t & all = my note).
    Da spiryt, da "spiryt cover" ' nd da "causal body o' da spiryt" 'n da diaphanyk light body, which 's da "da ghost body". 'Ey ' re located right in da center o' da ghost body, chest regyon.
    Da ghost body - ' some research' 's named da perispiryt - 's da humanoyd form body da ' human manifests, ' in da "otha" world, as in da "matteryal realm".
    (...) Da SOUL (...) covers as a double' da ghost body. (...)
    Da soul' s made o', totally, ' five elements : da star o' da soul, da causal body o' da soul,da body o' da soul(...) which added da constiently body 'nd da counsciousness body.
    Da star o' da soul 's located larynx' area. (...)
    Da causal body o' da soul 's a spherykal cover, 'bout da size o' a ping-pong ball, coverin' "da star o' da soul" as a witysh cocoon. 'Togetha, da star o' da soul 'nd da causal body o' da soul make an unit(y).(...)
    ' Level o' da soul there are otha two distinktyve bodyes, able to get seen ' etherykal clairvoyance : da counsciousness body 'nd da constiently body. Da consciousness body 's flame shapped, 'nd da counstiently body 's shapped as a concave mirror o' (even) ' parabplyk antena, 'size o' da entire human aura. 'Out these two essentyal elements o' da human bein' da human wouldn' t be able to "get in touch"/ connectin'/ contact da world, ' couldn't constientyze what' s goin' on 'nd wouldn' t succeed ' und'standin' da environment.
    Da star o' da soul 's da reflection, ' one single existence/ life, o' da spiryt ; da causal body o' da soul ' s da reflection o' da causal body surroundin' da spiryt, 'nd da soul body represents da reflection, ' one existence, o' da ghost-body.
    Da soul - as an ensemble - ' s da human' s personality while duration o' one existence/ life. Da soul 's da reflection in da terrestryal world, ' level ' any incarnation, o' da individuality.
    ' Embodyed human, through ' soul, ' get 'n-shapped da derivatyve aurykal bodyes : d' etherykal body, d' emotional body, d' astral body, da inferior mental body, da superior mental body 'nd da spiritual body."
  • It takes a very wise man to extract meaning from trite and mediocre gibberish? No! A wise man wouldn't even try.
  • I agree with Brian.
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