Infinty & inmortality in the multiverse

" The void
(space without matter nor radiation) has energy.

The high
energy void decays spontaneously forming matter and low energy void.

When the
high energy void decays a universe is formed.

The concept
of time is just a mental tool that have sense if there is movement. Before the
Big Bang time did not exist. So thinking about what it was like before the Big
Bang is pointless.

There´s no
need to ask why the universe was created, or who created it, or what things
existed before the Big Bang. Everything would be the result of the spontaneous decay
of the high energy void.

There are
infinite universes.

There´s no
need to ask why our universe is configured in an exact way as to allow the
existence of human life. It would be just one with that configuration between
infinite universes, most of which would have other configuration that would not
allow human life.

Matter can
accommodate itself and move in certain ways, that ways have a limit fixed by
quantum physics; because of this, the possible configuration of the universes
are finite.

physics say that everything that may happen without violating the laws of
conservation of the mass, happens.

If a) the
universes are infinite in number, b) the configurations of the universes are
finite, and c) everything that may happen, happens; then any possible
configuration of the universe repeats itself infinite times.

In human
beings, the way of perceiving stimuli and the way to respond to them with
sensations is caused by the configuration of the thinking machine that is the

A human
consciousness (the “self”) is restricted to perceive the stimuli and to react
to them using only one mind of the millions of minds identical to it that

consciousness perceives the work of only a single mind because the sensations
that a mind produces distracts it fully.

When a
thinking machine stops working (for example in death or in deep meditation),
the consciousness may use one of the others identical minds that exists, which
are infinite in number, and are not the one that it was using before.

It won´t be
necessary for the consciousness to “go out” of a body to enter in other body,
nor that it “travels”, because the consciousness “is not in” the body, but is
the result of its configuration."



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    This is what I wanted to say. I just didnt post it correctly the first time, jajaja! I´m learning to use this site, sorry...
    Brian: a friend from Facebook recomended me to show it to you.
    It is something I was thinking about for some time. It mixes the little I know about physics with the very little I know about budism.
    I don´t know if it fixes well in this site.
    I am very interested in budism, but I´m "new" in that and I can´t find a master near me.
    Sorry if my english is not perfect, I am argentinian.
  • whare's "the inityial" ... conversatyion?
  • ... oh... sorry... i thought it was the otha ... "immortality" discus'iyion... sorry, again...

    Narudacisej, YOU're ON IT. keep it up !

  • Certain keywords define us as slaves. Multiverse and Elohim, for instance. Who put these words into our heads? And why do we take it ALL for granted?


  • Multiverse? Explain that one! I thought it was merely a theoretical physics concept!
  • Who creates our theories for us? Why do we let them shape our lives?
  • Theories concerning freedom are the strangest, because they make us slaves.

  • ... yeah, BRIAN , have YOU GUYS notice ?

    = uni-... verse ? 

    paradoxally, a ... one-verse, in a song, can get YOU FREE

    for example, watch this:

  • Excellent point, frez!! Universe. I think the etymology for that might have to do with the idea of placing everything into one. How do you describe the entirety of everything. You unite it all and put it under one category.

    Actually, the way you write at first seemed a little odd to me, in all honesty. But you bring forth amazing insight!
  • How is the idea of the multiverse related to numerous deities?
  • Ferz, that's quite a personal question! Well, in all honesty I have very little experience. I'm twenty and just starting life and have been studying mysticism with Brian for two or so years. I haven't experienced much but I have learned a lot. I have no idea. I don't know what to believe and beliefs all seem very limiting because they can stagnate your progress or understanding when it comes mysticism.

    Have you ever heard of the Akashic Records?
    Also, why a universal HUMAN soul or heart?
  • LUNA,YOU are 20 in this time-life... re-incarnatyions? YOU & i have met HERE&NOW ...for a reason.

    ...& , i didn't mean "a universal human soul or heart", ... but... "do what THY FEEL" ,kinda...
  • ...& what do YOU think, have i ever heard about ... akasha records & stuff?

  • I think you know about the Akashic Records, you seem like someone who would know that. You know about a many strange things.

    Well, feelings and intuition are usually our subconscious telling us something or symptoms of something else. If you're asking about God, then He absolutely exists.
  • why are YOU "laudatyve" on me? =don't do that, or YOU ... are going to make me too proud about myself, & "loose" myself... what YOU know about me ? LUNA?
  • Not much. But you're here! Which means you're weird! Like me! And everyone else here who is crazy enough to delve into these things. Anyone seeing this all from the outside with more of a closed mind would label us all as fruitcakes!!!!
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    LUNA... YOU JUST SAID: "Anyone seeing this all from the outside with more of a closed mind would label us all as fruitcakes!!!!" = FUCK 'EM ALL !

  • "... 'cause i don't give a fuck for free" - GIGS 510

    ...but, i do

  • "weird"? = did YOU mean... REAL?
  • Perhaps weird is real! Well, at least we're not afraid to look into the strange.
  • ...or, to look into... OURSELVES?
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    Here's one I made earlier.

    The Fruitcake by Brianstalin

    Do you obtain knowledge from the TV like David Icke, who thinks "V" (the 1983 TV series) is a documentary?
    Do you get your knowledge from airheads like Jordan Maxwell who thinks he is the VIZ character Roger Mellie?
    Do you read books and magazines? Did you religiously check out the latest movie gossip AND share the links? Do you surf the internet and use it as a resource for your DEEP research?
    Are you a trendy Gnostic, Kabbalist or Conspiracy Theorist? 
    Do you sport a bald head, goatee and wicked tattoos?
    Do you allow mediocre movies like the Matrix with its wooden lead actor warp your limited reality?
    Of course not!
    Obtaining true knowledge requires the discernment that we have cultivated through long hours of introspection, de-programming, mental focus and spiritual discipline.
    No comic book Kundalini awakening and Ascended Masters here! No wimpy hippies with beards, crazed stares and simpering voices!
    Higher knowledge is the rare skill to discern and extract the raisins or even the cherries from a fruitcake!
    Don't think in terms of Black and White, Red Pill and Blue Pill, Good and Evil.
    Just think in terms of Skillful and Unskillful.
    If we never recognize the true extent of our lack of skillfulness regarding our thoughts and actions, we could be stuck forever in the unfortunate paradigm of mediocrity.

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