Blue Tara

Tantric meditation on Blue Tara. Blue Tara:
She's affiliated with overcoming anger.

Some sites say to meditate on a star because she's affiliated to the star Sirius. Other places just say to meditate and imagine her. Any advice?


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    The question is: does anyone know the mantra? Because I've found a few videos all in Cantonese/Mandarin.

    I don't speak Cantonese or Mandarin.
  • Tibetan Buddhism tends to drift off into weird abstraction? Why not meditate on Steven, he is a star?


  • Then again, meditation means different things to different people. Part of the deprogramming process is understanding that.
  • How can a dog be trained to still its mind, when it constantly chases after its own tail? 

  • The point was that "meditate on a star" sounded fishy.

    But it seems Reiki would be a better option, more straightforward for a student such as myself, thank you. Abstraction in mediation is not a good idea for a dullard comme moi.

    At least this thread was created and hopefully when someone else here has a similar question, they can read this and thine advice on the manner.
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