Anger is a fairly common human emotion: one that hails from an defensive position or one that stems in rejection.

I have personally been expierencing moments where anger seems to come out of nowhere; today was unbearable. At some points I was so angry I was unable to speak, I became physically ill. Sat down and closed my eyes to breath, I envisioned myself in the mountains close to where I live, but holding a sword. A lake appeared before me carrying a televison with its tide. I destroyed it. I went on a rampage of destruction and at the end, I was crying because I realized I hated everything; I don't care about anyone or anything, literally not one person on this planet. I was done, I was weak and I hated this place. I don't want to die, it was not a feeling of wishing for suicide. There is no depression, no sadness, just anger. Anger at being stuck here, anger because it never ends. At that point I could have cared less about ANY human being. I just wanted out. I wanted to be nothing and stop existing.

As I went into work, I bawled my eyes out in the staff bathroom and had to tell myself to hold it together as I stared into the bathroom mirror. And I realized there was no mirror and I was angry, and I wanted out, felt powerless. I had to breath and remind myself I need my job before going to my till.

What the hell is going on here!? I have no idea what the hell is happening anymore!!!?


  • The wish to die is still a desire. Buddhism is against it. Try to neutralize your mind, good Luna!
  • The devil is in the details?

    "I don't want to die, it was not a feeling of wishing for suicide."
  • Whatever. What I said is generally ok.
  • Death of the body can be achieved, but not death of consciousness. You would merely end up in a pool of blood surrounded by demons, which, by complete coincidence, is exactly where you are now.


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    Great. Super duper fucking great.
  • Living in a cave and cutting oneself off from the Collective also has its dangers. Paranoia, loneliness and neuroses.

  • I have been living without much contact with people. Certain days I can go most of the day without speaking to anyone until my parents come home.

    Also went up to the mountains and thought about saving up money and making a cabin up there to live alone cut off from everyone and everything. With a piano, of course.
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  • To be cut off from contact with others can be very appealing for some like us, not for most. That isolation can and will lead to a higher consciousness but is not well seen by some who say that is in contact with the human world that we surpass the obstacles and evolve. I suspect the correct way is in the middle, part of the existence isolated and the other in the human cesspool...
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    Evolution is another false paradigm. Can we build the pyramids today? No. So Aliens must have done it.

  • @Brian
    "Evolution is another false paradigm. Can we build the pyramids today? No. So Aliens must have done it."

    Well, evolution per se is NOT a false paradigm. Anyone who claims Darwin's Theory of Evolution is erroneous or merely the product of some agenda is truly not thinking straight. Or very well, for that matter.

    The idea that we somehow must become some superhuman and reach a kind of New Age enlightenment or mastery, however, is.

    Obviously, aliens did not do anything. Why the hell do we insist upon having these unfounded, cute ideas take over our lives?
  • If aliens exist they were here. For them not to exist the entire universe, all those trillions and trillions of worlds would be empty of life and this small spec of dust that we call earth would be the only inhabited place in the universe. This makes me remember of medieval thinking, an huge ocean of ignorance. Of course there are aliens and they were and are here.
  • @paulojose; of course there's other life forms out there. How many of them are intelligent is probably a good question, and why on Earth they would even CONTACT US is yet another.

    The chance of there being an intelligent civilization out there is minimal. It took our planet what, 4.5 billion years to produce a relatively intelligent species? There's so many paths evolution could take, intelligence is actually not really needed for proper survival. One of the most successful species on Earth are jellyfish. Last time I checked, they don't have a brain.
    Moreover, we've only been capable of leaving our planet for the past 47 years.

    The chance of there being another intelligent civilization that would study space or other planets is minimal.
    The chance of that civilization contacting or studying us is even more so.

    There would have to be a lot of variables at play; they would have to be far more advanced than us. But why would they send their own people to study us and not a little robot like the cute little guy we sent to Mars?

    I personally think that what many of these claim is so outlandish, it must be impossible. That, or they are surely quite bonkers.
  • Adaptation to the concept of Ancient Aliens is actually devolution? Do we really need a bunch of Billy Meier's controlling our realities? Alien intelligences do exist. Semjase and Asket exist. I've known them my entire life. However, to prove that fact would require great deception on my part. 

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