karma and why we come back

how do we know if we are making the same mistakes over from a past or many of our past lives


  • Simple, you are alive you are making the same mistakes. It´s the fate of mankind. A few, get past that by sheer will and a few more by discovering for instance what happened in past lifes and surpassing the energy connected with those events.
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    It is said that there is no beginning or ending in samsara. It has always been. It is hard to get out, I presume!
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    Personally, I had some past life flashes for as long as I have been alive: unfortunately, they later drove me mad (literally) and Brian, after a donation, performed a past life reading for me.

    However, I still know what I yearned for and what I was missing in at least one lifetime, despite it never being written on that minor historical figure's Wikipedia page.

    Also, your struggles now might show you what your past karma was. I suffered from tactile hallucinations for years, Brian told me the reason for them was that I had been stupid enough to partake in ritual sex magick in past lives. Whatever the shortcomings and difficulties present in your life now, it's affiliated to the past. Whether in this life or in other lives.
  • @paulojose; not necessarily. For instance, we've all killed people in past lives. Whether in war or due to sheer ambition or perhaps because we were psychopaths. Have you killed someone in this life? I sure haven't.
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    Luna, I was a Spartan warrior who threw unwanted babies into a pit. It was the custom in those day in Sparta. Horrible horrible karma. I think I was one of the famous 300 Spartans. I've been oddly many times a warrior. I hate war now. 
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    Leftius - Spppppaaaaaaaarrrttttaaaaaaa!!!!!! 

    I don't know if I was ever a Spartan Warrior but Brian has suggested I have been other ones, Ninja, Samurai, Templar Knight, Teutonic Knight, French Knight, some kind of Mafia guy, Pirate, the Cyclops Brontes and even a Jedi, who turn out to have actually existed. Also perhaps Germanicus Julius Caesar of the Roman Empire, which was a bit of a shock as I am now Scottish and can't imagine having been someone who would have been on the other side of Hadrian's Wall. ......oh I forgot I may have been Scottish Bishop William Lamberton at the time of Bannockburn 1314.....

    In this life I am totally not like these type of people. I don't even kill insects anymore. I put spiders out of my home when it would be easier to kill them. I also spent time trying to get a Queen Bee out of a bus I was driving when it came into the cab. It took quite a bit of coxing but I finally got it to leave my cab.

    Being evil and wicked is part of the cycle of soul development. 

    Now I want to be a healer but there are circumstances which are making that difficult to accomplish which may lead to me experiencing violence and torture in this life, which will be unpleasant; after all the other bullshit I have had to deal with in this life.

  • Not to be implied in other´s deaths directly or indirectly is almost impossible if we take in account all the past lifes. We are not killing anyone in this lifetime, that´s an improvement. To get power, big power namely military one, implies inevitably the death or sufering of others. Not interested in exploring that path in my past lifes, could be disturbing, the risk in exposing ourselves to knowing what we did in the past.

  • thanks guys...already new some of that, but re thinking it. thanks paulojose....yes was wondering if some people may be killed and they are not even participating in a way for a person to still want revenge on them....when is it enough? I suppose when the person forgives....brian had warned or felt a friend of his was in danger( this woman was killed in a past life by drug's) she is living a quiet life now..so why would someone want to go after her again...absurd.

    yes I was killed in a past life, maybe I deserved it, was a war robot of sorts. will I be chased down again. hmmm

  • yes peter I try to save bee's ect as well...it is james here by the way...decided I needed to be careful after all.
  • Hello James omar  was a good disguise.
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