Pills to avoid dreams


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    If we put mindfulness in front of us, as counseled by the Buddha, and practice the sixteen steps he outlined in the Anapanasati Sutta, thereby developing “super power mindfulness” (Ajahn Brahm), and then turn that super power mindfulness onto a Zen koan, followed by another koan and so on until at least some degree of awakening occurs, the mind will wake up from the human dream and we will realize that our night-time dreams were dreams within a dream, and that nothing had really happened prior to our awakening.

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    If Koans don't work, there are less subtle means to awaken the populace. Brutal, but financially rewarding?

  • Id like to say koans... I didnt understood the brutal part... Sounds impossible for the such as i.

    Awaken being an al gorian commie superman?
  • There is only one way to awaken? If we don´t it correctly and not get awakened does that mean there we are stuck here until we do it as it should be done? Is it not what we are doing already, continuing to reincarnate? Instant awakening is very appealing but it sounds like too good to be true. If I get right now complete awareness, complete conscience of mysel do I get also instant freedom and stop reincarnating, in spite of past wrongdoings and subsequente karma to be paid? If so I want two please...
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    Suicide is not an option...

  • Ahh ok i get it now, christa.
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