• Trapped within the confines of one paradigm means that we can NEVER transcend it? This is why self-proclaimed psychics are dumber than a bag of hammers?

    Remember this - healers remain on one level of consciousness and CANNOT move forward!


  • You have been given the building blocks, but don't just sit idly by and waste your time playing with them.

  • People don't like Reiki and Reiki people for a reason? But it's still a wake up call?

  • Becoming a Reiki master promises only a VERY slim possibility of true Reiki Mastership, but I think the risk is worth it.

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    It seems being a healer master is a paradigm directed to ego. 

    Since ive been in somewhat a drought of reiki, today in the morning i waked up and my hand was tingling. In fear it was something like the issue i told you before... i draw the  symbol, and the energy came so strongly... it was very early but i decided to do a session on myself right there. 

    i dont understand exactly what is going on, But ok, i accept my self conceit is very responsable for this.

    Thanks for the response


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