cold heart

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I found recently that i had cold near the heart area.. i look carefully and i found a huge protuberance(congested) in the aura from the shoulders to the legs

i still feel the cold area... even when i sweep all the stuff... even when i do reiki on myself everyday that huge thing was there out of my sight...

I only feel the cold area with my left hand.

why it doesnt went away with the hand positions alone?, what could still be missing? thanks



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  • Sorry brian, icant go anyway further. I did all in my hands. Thank you for everything you have shared with me.
  • The perfect man has no self;
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    -   Chuang Tzu
  • After a few days trying pranic healing sweeping and reiki with no definitive results, since after a few hours i could feel the cold back again with my left hand, i got the idea of making use of my white crystal pendulum. At first spined very much on the area, but after a few minutes the cold appeared again in the same session. 

    Afterwards the thing is that i seemed to have instintively instructed the pendulum to take out the cold energy stucked there, i could also feel in my fingers the cold while holding the string of the pendulum going out, then i used reiki to fill.

    I already checked after a few hours, and the cold has gone, perhaps it will come back but it seems to be an improvement, also i used green quarts in the back, and it ended a little numbed.

    I thank God for the gifts he has given.


  • Put very simply, when compassion is not balanced with wisdom it is possible for one's compassionate actions to actually be harmful.  Wisdom can be considered the "eyes" of compassion while compassion is the "heart" of wisdom.  If one acts compassionately but without wisdom present, one acts blindly and may cause unintended harm to others. 
  • If Gaia's hot and cold flushes are a warning, then ignoring the warning or trying to fix it with Magick would not be the appropriate method of dealing with it?


  • You put the cookie toó high, i cant grasp it... A dog got injured by a car recently when i tried to help it... I kinda took his leg wrong he almost threw a bite to me. I think that was something i should have put more attention to... How to balance them... I want to be healed.
  • The Earth is dealing with menopause?

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  • Ohh so in my rush of unwise compassion im turning into a cold hearted bastard nazi killer dog?.... jajaja yeah the clues have been around me the whole day. 

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  • "Other stories exist regarding the Goddess Hel. One of
    them is an Icelandic creation myth, which described how in the
    beginning, all that existed was a great chasm known as Ginnungagap,
    which led to Hel's fiery womb of regeneration deep within the Earth. On
    one side of the chasm were fiery volcanoes, while on the other side
    there was nothing except for cold water and ice. It was for that reason
    that Hel became known as the Mountain Mother, who dwelled deep within
    the Earth where the fire and the ice meet"

  • The role of the Reiki Master is to remove the Reiki Master from the equation, thus raising the vibration of the planet. This will help compensate for the emergence of the David Wilcocks, David Ickes, Eckhart Tolles, etc. that pull the collective in the other direction.

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