Psychic powers

I have got a book here: "Śūnyatā - The Essence of Mahayana Spirituality", written by Moti Lal Pandit.
Any meditator may acquire these powers, I think. When we meditate, our knowledge expands. I don't know any high states of mind, but these are interesting. I suppose here must be somebody like Brianstalin, who has trained his mind in order to see hidden vistas of reality. 
But let me cite this. It's rather long citation, but does it matter? Buddhists use Pali and Sanskrit terminology, so I don't use their words, just the English ones, since this would be too arduous.

From pages 100-101:
"The Buddha is the enlightened one because he is in possession of the following psychic powers, which have been divided into three categories.
The psychic powers are characterised bt (i) ten powers, (ii) eighteen peculiar properties, and (iii) four confidences.

"The ten power of the Buddha are (i) the power to know what is possible and what is impossible; (ii) the power to know the fruits of karman; (iii) the power to know the end of the road; (iv) the knowledge of elements; (v) the knowledge of mental tendencies of beings; (vi) the knowledge of the relative powers of various sense faculties.; (vii) the knowledge of various states of meditation and of ecstasy; (viii) the knowledge of former births; (ix) the knowledge concerning how beings, in accordance of their karman, are born, and how they pass away, and (x) the knowledge concerning the destruction of impurities, and the knowledge of liberation by mind and by insight."

"The eighteen properties of the Buddha are the following: (i) the power to see all things of the past; (ii) the power to see the things future; (iii) the power to see things of the present; (iv) the power of the body; (v) of speech; (vi) of thought; (vii) firmness of mental resolution; (viii) of memory; (ix) of concentration; (x) of energy; (xi) of liberation; (xii) of insight; (xiii) freedom from fickleness; (xiv) from agitations; (xv) from mental confusions; (xvi) from hastiness; (xvii) from heedlessness; and (xviii) from inconsiderateness.

"The four self-confidences are: (i) the assurance that the Tathagata has attained the state of omnisciences; (ii) that he, having caused the destruction of impurities, is no more subject to the influence of defilements; (iii) that he understands well the obstructions to nirvana; and (iv) that he has shown the right path to nirvana."

I have none of this. My mind is confused; I cannot meditate.


  • Psychic powers are a byproduct or the excrement of mind expansion. Perhaps this is why Aleister Crowley delighted in shitting all over people's carpets and crucifying cats?

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    Seriously, Walter Semkiw believes poor eyesight and bad discernment entitles him to the title of Ascended Master! Why make photo comparisons of people who don't look the least bit similar? It's beyond stupidity! We are entering the realms of the demonic!

  • Rightius versus Leftius. Why shoot oneself in the foot before the journey has even begun?
  • Buddhists see such antics as signs of profound unskillfulness.

  • I don't mean that Buddha was a mage. I know too that psychic powers can be traps, but adepts still have some psychic powers, although I don't know how they utilize it. Don't we have to see all our past lives like Buddha did?
    Ye, those good old mages. One of my past life was a true overman. Who knows what went wrong.
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    Too many "I"s and "My"s signifies the strong delusion that is self? First, remove the delusion of self and then the power can flow freely?
  • I´s and My´s are just a habit of language. The removal of the delusion of self is great if you know how to do it. To deprogramm is the ultimate objective but it is inbeded in our minds, to take it out permanently is a difficult dream to achieve, it would mean to remove most of suffering and pain.
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    Self is just a congested and tangled mess of thoughts, emotions, memories, desires and dreams? Gods (real or imagined) will try trauma-based techniques to dominate it? Probably, operating in packs like wolves?

  • Still a difficult delusion to be rid of, because everything we experience is through the self. And through the senses and perceptions of the self.
  • For instance, when one tastes something... don't I taste it? When I drink coffee I receive that taste first through my tongue that sends signals through my nervous system to my brain. See how many "mys" are in that sentence?
  • Also my own past lives (again with "my") are imprinted on MY astral body. So flashes I have are imprinted there. (I again). See?
    Difficult to get out of such a loop.
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    yeah, Carrie is ... my movie - so to speak ...

    = i prefere this version - best special-effects !...

  • 240p for the win!
  • First Thessalonians 5:21-22 teaches that it is the responsibility of every Christian to be discerning: "But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil." The apostle John issues a similar warning when he says, "Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world" (1 John 4:1).

    Discernment = Psychic Power
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