Types of Reiki

Mostly traditional Reiki taught around is Usui Reiki, and the Reiki our teacher in this forum is trained in.

However, when trying to expand my own healing toolbox and add more to my tool collection, I came across people talking about different kinds of Reiki.

Someone mentioned Angelic Reiki? Has anyone heard of this? Is it just Usui Reiki with different symbols that do the same thing?


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    Also, has anyone heard of Ra-Sheeba Reiki?
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  • A monk asked, “I am not yet clear about the right opportunity for enlightenment. Please give me instruction.”

    The master replied, “In the uneven pine and bamboo grove, the fog is thin; because of the many layers of mountains, the moon comes out late.”

    The monk intended to say something else, but the master said, “Before using your sword and armor, your body has already been exposed.”

    The monk asked, “What do you mean?”

    The master replied, “The good knife does not cut the bamboo before the frost comes. The ink painting can only praise the dragon on the sea.”

    The monk circled the master’s seat and then left.

    The master said, “If you close your eyes and eat a snail, it will at once be sour, tart, and bitter.”
  • However, reading deeper into Reiki it seems Master Usui meant for Reiki to be a spiritual system rather than merely a healing art.

    The healing section taught by Miss Takata in Hawai'i left out the spiritual component of Reiki and left only the hands-on-style healing portion of Reiki. This is "Western"-style Reiki.

    True Reiki only re-emerged in Japan in the 1990s but seems to hold more to it than the healing art many people here on this forum have been instructed in.
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    The "Angelic" and Ra-Sheeba energy systems are sometimes categorized as "esoteric Reiki" despite not being actual Reiki but different energy systems altogether.

    Ra-Sheeba combines energy from the sun god Ra and the goddess Sheeba (which seems to refer to the Hindu goddess of destruction, Shiva). It was apparently developed in Ancient Egypt but forgotten until recently.

    It seems to be an interesting concept, intellectually speaking, but not related to enlightenment. Also seems somewhat dangerous. And its "finding" seems to be affiliated to some New Age ideas.

    True Japanese Usui Reiki (the one that re-emerged in the 1990s) does hold a spiritual component that's affiliated to enlightenment.
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  • How do you deal with the mind being stuck in one place?
    How do you "get it out" especially when it's a place that could lead to hurting many?

    Bisogna morire
  • Bisogna morire is italian, it means "needs to die". Not a very cheerful phrase especially if it is suicide.

  • Manta Ray
    To see a manta ray in your dream signifies emotional freedom. You are navigating through your emotions with ease.

    To dream that you or someone is attacked by a school of manta rays indicates that emotions that have been suppressed into your subconscious are becoming too overwhelming to keep inside any longer.

  • Swamp Draining - Hillary is STILL free!

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