...i need a...

... "comparison"/"parallel" between the form/shape of genital organs (masculin & feminine) - as in a biology book, & any shape of mathematikal graphyks, &/or "occultistyk diagrams"...


  • Mental masturbation leads to spiritual blindness.
  • Here's mud in your "i".

  • LEFTIUS, i didn't have any idea of key-words for google, or any patience... i stood sober past 2 days, maybe next drinkin'-ses'ion...
    ...some potential ideas run around my sick brains, but i don't know maths or any occultistyk similarityes of the kind -in line to obtain a result in that sense...
    (translation = i'm too stupid to "develop" the basic idea, but at least i "emitted" it...maybe some of YOU smart people get any "deeper-digging" out-of-it...)
  • Occult obsession with similarity stems from fascination with sympathetic magic.
  • Actually the girl is quite pleased to see Hitler, who wouldn´t be?...
  • no, BRIAN - no ocult...IST (!) obsession at all, i'm just maths & physics (fractals & strings) obsessed... NOT !!!
    PAULOJOSE, it is so different what nazis meant... hate, love, like - so many different levels...i'll be back, sorry → "different ideas"...
  • The nazis from history are dead. The past is dead. It left an influence but the present and the future are not the past.
  • ...any ideas to... what i asked in HERE, something like... a "graphyk f(x)" informatikally transcripted/transcribed of the "genitals", some' different than a fractal or a..."matriceal equation"?...
  • matricial equations
    in google
  • You can tell a lot about a person by the questions its i asks?

  • In demonology, Purson is a Great King of Hell, being served and obeyed by twenty-two legions of demons.

  • Hillary is a lizard? What does that question says about me?...Peter you agree that Hillary is a lizard don´t you? The baby in the image seems to be leaving an Alien(the film) kind of egg.
  • Hilary is a sick evil bitch of hell, not sure if that makes her a lizard :D
  • PETER - hillary is a "product" of the "mind-control oinkdustry" & of "cloning-shit"...

  • Matthew Skalitzky decapitated his own mother because he thought she was a clone. 

    When Sachi was 17, MacLaine informed her that her father was not Steve Parker but a mystery man named Paul. "Right now, he's in outer space," MacLaine told her. "He's on a mission for the government. A secret mission, sweetheart. All I know is, he's in the Pleiades. The Seven Sisters," she said, pointing to the stars. And Sachi claims her mother confided that: "Steve was created by the government. He's a clone."

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