So, my first possible attunement appeared. I owe money to my mother and she wants to be attuned, but yet, i havent transcended self and i dont want her to become a monster as Brian said. So im thinking on doing it or not.



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    I take too serious what Brian says. To the point of being traumatic

  • @OskrZS

    Hey buddy! Well, ya just put up a gif of a messed up Stewie, so I was concerned, naturally.

    As for your mum becoming a monster... you mean like the Buddha Boy and stuff?

    It sounds like you're perhaps fearful... maybe having some anxiety issues?
    I've had anxiety disorders myself.
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    Yeah maybe im fearful of attune someone. You see am not a healer, thought i was.. but that thought crashed upon a wall multiple times. Its hard to not have a teacher to practice with this kind of stuff. Ive not been able to heal my kidneys. But that doesnt mean reiki doesnt work, just that its potential has not been developed.

    I dont have clients and i dont blame them. A real reiki healer must be an example.
  • A blind one will take you to a hole.
  • @OskrZS
    That was my point when I wrote to you all that while back! Reiki is tricky stuff and going into things that you and I don't fully understand (I know it works, but HOW it works exactly is a mystery to me) without someone there to physically guide you can be super sticky.

    Really, man. The psychic attacks I got scared the shit out of me.
  • Also, when you're isolated and talking to someone through a computer and solely through a computer (or phone.... electronic apparatus), it's easy to get paranoid.

    At least for me.

    My imagination is too wild... which is why I'm an artist! But still... two-edged sword, dude.
  • @lunawhdavies7

    The psychic attacks ease with the healing power of the next attunements.. but this is not because of reiki completly its mainly cause its ones relationship with the lower astral.
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    Then the lower astral realm is full of disgusting rapists.
  • @lunawhdavies7

    and worse.. but tats not really the issue.

    I almost forgot about psychic attacks, by now pinting the symbols on the wall protects my sleep very well.. if i wake up at nght i paint them again, and sleep like baby.
  • Sleep like a baby?

    You mean you wake up every two hours crying and pooping?

    Ahahaha. No, but seriously man. Brian told me to draw the symbols and I didn't.

    Can't remember why. I think I immediately stopped doing Reiki when he told me WHY I was getting attacked. Got kind of mad at him for not warning me before getting into Reiki.
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    the issue is mainly that reiki is a healing technique, and im not a healer. youtubers may think they are, but thats not what i want to pass on to others. and now seeing tat i could only pass the gift.. is like saying to my mom, good luck with this responsability am giving on to you, ye are on your own.
  • Dont blame him, this tings are almost unpredictible.
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    dont doubt he could predict it.. but yet tat would be to act like a control freak. dont you think?.. i tink it really worths to deal with this imaginary problems at the end.
  • @OskrZS
    Exactly, man. You should warn her about what Reiki encompasses and if she agrees to take on that responsibility, then attune her.

    It would be HER choice. You can't control other people and you SHOULDN'T EVER try to. Their lives, their choices.

    I know what it's like to be controlled and feel like you have no choices. Not a good feeling, man.

    Communication, man. Communication is key in life.

    But that's just my advice. I wonder what other people here will say.
  • If you feel upset or anxious, then that's okay.

    You're allowed to have feelings. We all have feelings, but how you deal with them is what's important.

    Don't ever take them out on other people (like your mum): it's THAT that makes a bad person.
  • Mademoisele LUNA, did my answer satisfy YOUR curiosity ?
    ... i mean, i don't understand a bit of what is goin' on (i can't even translate "attunement" in my a stupid romanyan as i am...), but i used "reiki attunement" as key-words on google & i used the first version... the phone/my phone came with, have put my finger on it... & chose&posted as reply the first site-adres' appeared... "consciouspanda" - ...&, even if the panda is a genious alive... how stupid can be what i have done?... &, i'm aging...oh, my freakin' GOD!... = ~
  • OSKRZS, the only person/entity YOU should ask for opinions &/or advices is... YOURSELF
  • ...whether YOU, OSKRZS, considere any of US HERE part of YOUR "inner/superior self", THEN... well... count me out! (i'm a little drunk RIGHT NOW, - count me out for sure RIGHT NOW)
    i wish YOU... wisdom - is the best i can think about RIGHT NOW...
  • Remember, it's a mind field out there!

  • If the nine gates are the nine bodily orifices (the eyes, the nostrils, the ears, the mouth, the urethra, and the anus) a bullet hole (preferably in the middle of the forehead) will not only kill the false god, but leave a hole for the evil demon to depart.
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