What IS Time Travel?

What is time travel exactly, in terms of psychic investigation? Personally, it had always seemed to me that travelling in time would be fascinating, like possessing telekinesis or, even better (!), travelling to strange, undiscovered lands where everything is alien. Actual time travel, it cannot be simply the act of meditation and "image streaming", can it? Or is it just the Akashic Records in and of themselves?


  • WormHoles

    If Time were not relative, it would be impossible to fit the events of several weeks, years, decades, centuries, millennial etc. into the limited span of a 90 minute Hollywood programming application. In psychic work, where we are dealing with endless streams of consciousness, time allows the subjective measurement of the movement of a thought (a stream of consciousness) from point A to point B. Eckhart Tolle tells us that spiritual enlightenment can occur instantaneously, simply by imagining that it has occurred.

    But seriously, Time is a massively complex topic of great gravitas. 

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    Lost In Abstraction

    Because there exist states of utter Mindlessness, certain mental disciplines call for greater focus upon how we actually perceive the Material WORLD around us, before beginning to tackle the more illusive Abstract.

  • I can imagine it is. And what on Earth is it with apples and learning? And the little worm makes me think of a snake. Maybe I'm just tired.

    Understanding all this complex business obviously requires further mental expansion. However, yes, time is relative, much like space, at least in our experience. If it is truly such a complex issue, would it perhaps be better left until the mind has been expanded enough? Is it even wise to attempt to grasp something or understand something for which one is not ready?
  • Isn't that what wisdom and common sense is all about?
  • Yes. I think this issue, at least in my case, should be left for afterwards, at least when I can make sense of past lives and have reached Reiki Master level.
  • Thank-you Brian!!!!
  • time-travel ... 
    1) it's NOT about... time-travel...sounds so "objectyve"... it's ALL very "SUBJECTYVE"... it'a about ... TIME TRAVELERS !- includin' the "vessels" =body-es, (air)crafts & etc
     some of them have identityies, which some WE are aware of = Basiago, John Titor, AARON McCollum...
    some , WE' ll never hear about, perhaps they 're just code-names , known only by some ..."above top-secret" skyzophrenyks...like those kids sent to year 8000 AD, in montauk project...

    2)i once 've 
  • ...read in a book that "back to the future" scenatio is, in fact... an imposibility, 'cause THE PRESENCE of the guy in those "timelines" he went through... CHANGED / altered the "original" timelines, therefore he ain't ever able to get back to THE EXACT timeline he got-awy from...
  • therefore, the presence of a time-traveler in a certain time-line alters the timeline!
    (or, is THIS THE MEANT CHANGE ... from the beginning?)

    so, everything about time-travel seems to be , in fact, a n-dimensyional mind-game... through "strings" & everything...

    "i'm married to the game , fuck your life-infidelity" - KAYO

    min 2:55 - 2:58

    3) IOAN PETRU CULIANU  wrote a novel in which HE promoted the idea that not only the future hasn't been decided, but also the past is NOT a "sure shot"...

    ... indeed, even when YOU "re-view&change" the meaning /perspectyve over a "gester" YOU' ve done back-in-the-days... is , mentally at least... a CHANGE 

    min 2:46 - 2:47  = "i got the ill-communicatyion" !


    LOVE, YO !


    ... what is "cuantifykable" in this shit... & what's NOT?

    = WE can get photos, too... who invented ... cameras?

    LOVE, YO

  • "i'm a nigga from da future, there's somethin' you'll never see..."

    LOVE, YO
  • Photography? You must refer to Thomas Wedgwood, born six or so months after Beethoven and died in 1805, at age 34!
  • However, photography was commercially introduced in 1839, and that year is considered the birth of photography.
  • Henry Fox Talbot's photographic method is the one that stood the test of time and was used commercially beginning in 1839.
  • no, i meant these:

  • Proof that we constantly project something upon something else that we are unfamiliar with, in order to explain that thing or quantify it to our own peculiar satisfaction.

    A disease of the mind called Gnosis which spells the death of psychic competence. The mind that sees, but does not observe is lost in a world of false equivalents.


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  • "false equivalence"?

    alice in mirror-land? ... or, the other book... "whaTEVER " it was...

  • Red Pill Rabbit Land?

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  • donnie darko, the movie ?
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    A mirror darkly? Preoccupation with TIME.

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    Once we see rabbits, it means there's no turning back.

  • = yeah, "WHATEVER"
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