vote-committee/board for ferz's expulsion

proceed, please...
(who the hack do i think i am to dare & post such a topic, as if with or without me wouldn't be the same? - what, when i'll die the Sun is gonna stop in the sky?= prfhhh...)


  • "Fara mine nu se poate, / dovada ca sint."
    = without me it can't be (it's not pos'ible)/proof (is) that i am (exist)
  • I vote for ferz to remain.Nobody oposes? Then it´s settled, ferz remains. By the way, I didn´t notice anyone asking for ferz to leave...
  • Honorary members cannot be expulsed easily.

  • Ferz, you are very welcome.
  • PAULOJOSE... i (!) asked for this referendum. = as in, i want a brexyt & not left-to-go?
    BRIAN..."honorary-member"? - sounds like that old-bag-guy allowed to sit in a chair during ses'ions, like "he's not able to participate, but he didn't die yet... let him snooze in that chair...&, keep the ambulance on stand-by..." = ha, ha, ha ?LEFTIUS... i'm welcome to... "farewel" ? = ha, ha, ha ?
    ...&, seriously NOW : don't YOU have anything-better-to-do than to make-a-pendant to this... bad joke ? = ha, ha, ha ?
    ... should we start the bets what other votes will say ? - ha, ha, ha ?Z
  • Democracy? 2 wolves and a sheep choosin whats for dinner?
  • ...&, the 2 wolves were eaten, 'cause the sheep was a lion with too much hair & a huge apetite...&, knew a foreign-language = be-he-he...
  • ...&, the 20mil'$ cia-cyborg-cat was watching through a nano-tech-mosquito the whole prank... &, the hamster who 's been faken its own-death by a previous lieing-testimony of the cat & was in fact the bos' of the cat turned-up & told to the cat:"good work, cat-ballou... planting that "mole" in the wolves collective... &, the true mole said... aaaaaaa!, somebody-stop-me!
  • ...ok, i'm cool - i waz-zzzzzz (mosquito-sound) just kittying...
  • long a polling-station is supposed to stay opened ? = prfhh...
  • I consider that a man's brain originally is like a little empty attic ...
  • I have this dream where i woke up asking mercy for my mother. And saw an isis dude about to kill a someone.

    Painted the symbols second time again

    What on earth is going on in my sleep?
  • @ferz
    I'm confused. Why would you ask us to vote on your "expulsion"? It's lovely to have you here and if you want to be here, be here. And if you don't want to, don't. You have complete freedom in the matter.

    Unless the administrator (Brian) decides to no longer allow you to partake in anything here, then you're obviously welcome.

    Also, we're kind of here to disagree. Disagreement is bound to occur and I have endlessly disagreed with Brian, Oskr, Peter and others here (why are there so many men here? Christa's the only other gal here!). That's the whole point of a forum.
    If you disagree with a person's idea or opinion, then you refute it through debate and logical argumentation.
  • Mademoisele LUNA, je VOUS remercie - c'etait aussi sorte d'une blague, plaisenterie...
  • The funny thing is i woke up at 3:53am & ar 4:0am i entered HERE. At 4:03, YOUR reply appeared in this topic
  • ar = at ...
  • Scarlet woman can refer to: A prostitute. The
    Whore of Babylon, a figure in the Book of Revelation. Babalon, a figure
    in the mystical system of Thelema.

  • Oskr, the important thing in dreams is the energy it has. Right after you awake concentrate not on the images you saw but on the sensation it brought to you. If of sorrow let it rip, cry if need be, let the emotion drain itself completely. Dreams are a warning from the subconscient that something is wrong, interpretation of symbols is mostly hogwash because the meaning of the images varies with each person. It can be even an energy of a past life, if it not dealt with it will bring sorrow, pain, a losss, something, because it was not completely spent at the time.
  • Thanks paulo lets see what can i do
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