It is mentioned that people who discontinue their Reiki studies who have been initiated in it often manifest problems.

What are some possible and serious problems that may arise?
Emotional instability?


  • Could it be like a job? If you don't want to do that, you can always quit. A slave of Reiki? 
  • "sigil" "pay-back" ?...
  • A friend of mine never practiced Reiki after learning it, I told her about BS´s warning. I´m not sure if she had problems due to that, what is a problem comming from that and what isn´t? Difficult to ascertain.
  • a bunch of "wise-shits" are "hangin'" on your corner-street...
    you try to get home. 'ey begin to bully you...
    "ascertain" or... try to survive?
    = evil is evil - all the way around...
    deal with it
  • The most serious problem is sudden death.
  • Retirement from responsibility beings about sudden changes.

  • BRIAN, what? do YOU mean adam killed lilith/limit to fuck eve?
    -what the hell happened ?
    it's beyond sex & crime...
    why everybody gone ... blind?
  • Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries CE). The character is generally thought to derive in part from a historically far earlier class of female demons (lilītu) in Mesopotamian religion, found in cuneiform texts of Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonia.


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    Literal sudden death?
    Oh, golly gee! What fun!
  • I thought of looking for a reiki job and Found a newspaper finding something. it would be good?
  • Upon leaving the London hospital, Stephenson confided his suspicions to George Marsh, an impressionable unemployed ironmongery assistant and amateur detective, of 24 Pratt street, Camden Town. They met two or three times a week over a drink at the Prince Albert public house to discuss the murders. They also drew up an agreement to share the reward money on the conviction of Davis as the Ripper. Stephenson signed the agreement under the name, Sudden Death.
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    Well, shit.
    Literally dropping dead sounds much more fun.
  • I didnt understood teacher. This world is a scary place
  • ana & florica?
  • I´ll warn my friend again but has she didn´t die yet she will most likely not listen...
  • ana & florica (lil'-flower) are the... versions of "mesterul manole" - master/skillfull/artisan/qualified-worker manole - 's wife = she has been walled/immured within the wall of the monastery he built, according to an ancient romanian legend...which might be the ancestryal rmns of what-the-fuck-happened
    universe is NOT GOD - i said it, let's see what happens

    this is the internet job i found. what you think about the vibe of it! cheers
  • The only problem is that the Reiki of popular culture is part of the Psychic Mafia and tends to attract the worst kind of people?

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    That awkward moment when you dont know if its about them or about you...



  • I guess you are right i think someone of them may want to take advantage of.
  • Very much as a Zen master would NEVER call his cats Zen Masters, a true Reiki Master would want to quickly transcend  the cesspool of the Collective Unconscious and never use the word "Reiki"? 
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    Working with Spirit Energy is a contradiction because it is the possessing spirit of self-identity - the companion of Lucifer that becomes the center of a vicious life and death struggle.
  • Ok thatd explain why jesus never speaks about how he heals. Or similar..
  • BS, you are always the bearer of good news...But for that matter so am I...Great!...
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